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How Keeping Homes Clean Is Good for Mental Health

Everyone tries their best to keep their home tidy. For some people, that means cleaning each week, while for others, it may be more random and sporadic.

Regardless of which type of cleaner you are, cleaning can sometimes feel like a chore that nobody wants to do. But did you know that keeping homes clean can have a positive impact on your state of mind?

Keep reading to learn about how keeping a clean home can help improve your mental health in 6 ways.

1. Helps You Destress

In 2009, researchers conducted a study on the correlation between home cleanliness and state of mind. The study showed that people with
messier homes have higher levels of cortisone, a hormone linked with stress. On the other hand, people with tidier homes were more comfortable and happy.

Stress can have a serious impact on your body. People suffering from higher levels of stress suffer from high blood pressure, increased risk of heart problems, fatigue, and even shorter lifespans.

In another study, 3,000 people expressed that regular cleaning helped to decrease anxiety and depression. Further research determined the effect to be around 20%.

Although cleaning might not seem fun when you’re thinking about doing it, it can be satisfying once it’s finished. Try to visualize how good everything will look afterward once it’s done!

2. Boosts Your Productivity

Have you ever tried to work in a cluttered and dirty environment? Odds are, you weren’t that productive.

A Princeton study revealed that maintaining a clean and organized house can help with your productivity levels. If you live in a spotless environment, you might be able to stay more focused than someone in a messier place.

If you’re struggling with productivity and staying focus, take a look around your room. Is there a lot of clutter or things that you could get rid of? When’s the last time you’ve vacuumed or dusted?

If you want the benefits of increased productivity without going through some of the work, consider hiring house cleaning services.

Without distractions such as room messiness holding your brain back, it’ll be able to process things at a faster rate.

3. Feel More Confident Socially

Have you ever had to unexpectedly entertain friends or family? If you didn’t have time to clean beforehand, it may have impacted your social confidence.

The first time someone sees your house can be a nerve-racking time. Whether you’re aware of it or not, you want to give off a good impression, and having a clean home is one way to do that.

When you don’t have time to tidy up, entertaining can be stressful. Your social skills may suffer if you’re hyper-aware of the messiness around you.

On the other hand, when you have cleaned, you may feel more confident while entertaining. Cleaning brings a sense of pride, and when others get to see your hard work, it can be satisfying.

Feel better socially by keeping your space tidy!

4. Tap Into Your Creativity

When you have a big list of household cleaning chores to do, you don’t have time to think about anything else. Dirty dishes, laundry, and general clutter demand your attention before anything else. One area that can suffer is your creativity.

By maintaining a clean living space, you’ll be able to focus on exploring different creative outlets.

Instead of worrying about needing to vacuum, you can put your energy into optimizing your home storage system. When you’re not wondering when the last time you cleaned your bathroom was, you can spend time thinking about new home decor options you could invest in.

Get rid of clutter and keep your home clean; you’ll be amazed at the creative options that can then develop.

5. Live More Peacefully With Others

Living with other people is always difficult, no matter how close you are. Whether you’re family, friends, or roommates and nothing else, arguments will inevitably break out over messes left behind.

When your roommate accuses you of never doing the dishes, or your child can’t find their favorite toy in the clutter of your house, consider how you got to that point, and how you can get out. Regular cleaning will eliminate any of those types of arguments.

Consider creating a cleaning schedule that’ll help you and whoever you live with keep a continually clean house. Divvy up areas that need to be cleaned often, such as bathrooms and kitchens. One week you can be in charge of that area, and the next week it can fall into the hands of someone else.

Peaceful cohabitation is more likely when your living space is organized and tidy.

6. Feel Your Best

Cleaning your house lets you not only feel your best mentally, but physically as well.

If you’re someone who suffers from allergies, a regular household cleaning might be your best solution. The longer your home goes without a deep-cleaning, the more pollen, dander, and dust mites there will be. This can cause your home’s air quality to be compromised.

People with cleaner homes are also more likely to exercise regularly. Although the correlation is unclear, people in cluttered spaces are more likely to sit down and watch TV, as opposed to doing something physical.

Choosing to get rid of clutter can also free up physical space in your home. There, you can then exercise or free up space for meditating.

Keeping Homes Clean Can Be Satisfying

One of the best parts about cleaning is that it can become routine. Although you may not look forward to doing it, the satisfying feeling you’ll have at the end will make it worth it.

Do you know any other benefits of keeping homes clean? Let us know!

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