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Why Should You Choose to Study in Singapore?

Although Singapore is a country with a small area in Southeast Asia, but each year this country still welcomes a large number of international students around the world. So what makes Singapore so special? Let’s find out the reasons why you should choose to study in Singapore.

Geographical location

Singapore is an island nation in Southeast Asia, consisting of a diamond-shaped main island, and about 60 smaller islands. Singapore separates from Malaysia through the Johor Strait in the north, and from Indonesia through the Singapore Strait in the south. If you study in Singapore, you can have the choice to travel to Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, China and more Asia countries.

Quality education system

The Singapore education system is based on the foundation and learning from other advanced education systems such as the UK and Australia.

In Addition, students have many options to study at public, private or international schools. Singapore education institution always focus on the perfect combination of theory, practice and life skills for students. Go to to find all universities and schools located in Singapore and search for the courses provided.

Study with shorter time

Compared to countries like the UK, Australia, the US, the cost of studying and living in Singapore is much more comfortable. Moreover, studying in Singapore only takes 2 to 2.5 years for the Bachelor level and 1 more year for the Master level. Because of the shorter time, costs are also minimized.

The scholarship policies in Singapore are quite attractive and not too difficult to achieve compared to other countries. Students have many opportunities to get scholarships to pay for their tuition.

Link to many universities in the UK, US, Australia

The Singapore education system is formed from some advanced educational systems such as the UK and Australia. Its education institutions in this island nation are equipped with international standards, lecturers with in-depth knowledge and dedication to teaching.

In addition, Singapore’s private school system is well developed, in addition to the training programs granted by the institution, most of the schools are affiliated with prestigious Universities and Institutes of the World. The feature of these programs is that you can choose to study in Singapore but receive a degree from the partner school or university or you can transfer to a partner school or university to finish the program and receive a degree.

Cultural diversity

Singapore shares cultural diversity with a distinct blend of Chinese, Indo, Malay and Western cultures. Cultural diversity entails religious diversity in this country: the main religions here are Islam, Taoism, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Monotheism and Judaism.

Living environment

Singapore is ranked as one of the safest countries with a stable political regime and voted as the cleanest city on the planet. The crime rate is quite low, especially drug abuse. Therefore, when studying in Singapore, you do not have to worry that the insecurity may affects your safety and study.

Apply for Visa easily

Unlike in Australia, USA, Canada and other countries, studying in Singapore does not need to prove financial prove. Making a Visa application is extremely easy and fast. The deadline for making an application for a Singapore Visa is only confidential about 4 weeks while for other countries it takes from 3 to 8 months.

Chance to practice English

While studying in Singapore, you will have the opportunity to improve your English because English is a main language in this country. You can not only learn English courses in university, but also communicate with local people in English everyday anytime, anywhere.

Great job opportunities after graduation

Degrees in Singapore are recognized around the world, so job opportunities are also much wider. Singapore creates conditions for highly qualified human resources to be naturalized and permanently settled, so 90% of new graduates can find jobs within 6 months in Singapore.

Study in Singapore to help develop yourself

Studying abroad not only helps you be independent and confident in yourself, but also helps you discover your own strengths and abilities that you never had before. You will be faced with situations that are completely unfamiliar to you, so you will have to learn to adapt and handle them in effective ways. You will be introduced to a completely different academic system and you will be learning completely new courses that are different from studying in your home country. You will have more opportunities to exchange and learn from experiences and learn more about cultures of countries around the world so that you can make friends and expand your social relationships.