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Easy Beauty Tips To Elevate Any Look

Having a beauty routine is a common thing, but having the time for it isn’t. From planning looks to perfectly layering makeup to taming that last flyaway, achieving that perfect look for you can eat up the minutes and turn them into hours, only to be frustrated by the outcome

Even if you lean towards a more natural look, all of us want to look our best in our own skin and want easier ways to do it. There are many simple, easy makeup and beauty hacks out there that can pare down your too-long routine, or simply stand in for your tried and true habits when there just isn’t enough time.

Focus on Your Lines

If you’ve been struggling for sleep, it can be hard to fake that you’re fully awake, especially when you’re short on time. While that caffeine might help how you feel, you could still be fighting bags or droopy eyes. Make your liner your best friend. Look for a brown eyeliner instead of a black one and use it to line the upper rim of your lid. The contrast between your white eyes (grab some eye drops if you need to!) and the brown of the liner will help you appear more fully awake while inside your head you’re still dreaming of zzz’s.

Drop the Inflammation

Feeling and looking red and puffy? Keep ice cubes on hand. Rubbing an ice cube over your face after cleansing your skin can help tighten your pores, making them smaller and less visible. The chill of the ice can also help fight inflammation or redness in your face. Ice cubes can also be used to help reduce the effects of a sunburn, and to help keep your face less oily.

Bluff With a Buff

Manicures take time — even the ones you do yourself — and nails are prone to doing whatever they want to no matter what important event you’ve got coming up. If you don’t have time to go for a full manicure, you can easily at least make sure your nails are polished and ready to go by using a buffing block. A good buff can create shiny nails that look like you just left the salon, in a fraction of the time, not to mention the cost.

Mask to Moisturize

Using a face sheet mask may be in your regular routine anyway, but using a mask even for just a few minutes can help a dry, dull face look dewy and fresh. Masks are usually infused with loads of moisturizers and vitamins, which can help to plump out wrinkles while giving your skin a good dose of hydration. Just don’t forget the all-over moisturizer when you’ve got a chance, as dry skin needs a longer-term fix than just a quick mask-up.

Use Cold on Your Curls

If your hair is curly or prone to dry, split ends, and frizz, then it might be time to shock yourself in the shower. A cold rinse at the end of your shower can help hair cuticles close, trapping shine and smoothness into your hair for longer. Especially if you use heat to dry or finish your hair, this can make a world of difference in how many flyaways you have to deal with throughout the day.

As painful as it may sound, giving yourself a cool douse at the end of a shower has other benefits as well, such as giving improvement to your lymph flow, circulation, and athletic recovery. It can even give you an energy boost while shoring up your immune system. Who knew cold water could be such a powerhouse?

Shake Up Your Routine

If your skin is struggling or you have an ongoing issue, like fine lines or bags under your eyes (even if it is from too little sleep), it may be time to revamp your beauty routine. Have you been using the same products for a long time? You may need to add things that you haven’t needed before, such as a cream for melasma or dark spots, and may want to use this time to examine the rest of your products as well to make sure they are living up to your expectations. It can take months to discover the benefits of a new product, but don’t let that stop you from switching it up every now and then.