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7 Ways to Make Your Content Marketing More Effective

When you discuss “content marketing” you are talking about two topics, “content strategy” and “marketing strategy”. Content strategy refers to appropriate content leading to enhanced traffic and higher conversion ratio ultimately generating more revenue. Similarly, marketing strategy refers to an overall plan of a business to reach its customers for their services or products.

Eventually, when you combine both and speak about content and marketing, it can be anything about your services or products for which you need effective content. For example, if your product or service is “Wave video” then you need content about several aspects of wave video. And then follow several marketing strategies to reach your customers leading to enhanced traffic generating revenue for your business. You can follow various content marketing strategies such as:

  • Using various social media platforms
  • Creating numerous video tutorials
  • Blogging and search engine optimization
  • Building a lead magnet
  • Facebook ads and LinkedIn
  • Promoting affiliate programs
  • Email marketing, etc.

However, whatever the content marketing strategies you follow, your content, images, videos like Wave video must be appropriate and effective. This will result in Google ranking and enhanced traffic as Coschedule research says 67% of clicks go to the first 5 results in a search engine with higher possibilities of conversions. Below are 7 ways to make your content marketing effective.

1) Plan Your Content Marketing

Plan your content marketing appropriately with a goal and a set of objectives to reach the right target customers. You must not be over-ambitious about your goal and objectives and need to be realistic about your business size. Study and research your target audience prior to the planning so that you know the interests and pain points of customers. It will also help you to shape the tone of your content and determine where to post your content.

2) Think of a Content Calendar

Start with a content calendar once you plan your content marketing. You have now your target audience and you expect that you are going to reach them. Similarly, you also have determined where to post your content. But every platform you have determined to post your content have their own norms for postings. 

For example, Facebook encourages one post every day whereas a series of tweets is good at Twitter. Therefore, a content calendar can help you a systematic posting of your content by time and date. It will also help you what you have already posted and what you need to post. For example, if you have posted a video of Wave video three days back your content calendar will urge you not to post the same today.

3) Choose the Appropriate Topic for Your Content

You cannot simply develop the content randomly even if your target readers are curious about random contents. Know what to talk about your services and product and why they are relevant to your audience. Your topics must be linked directly to the problems of your audience and offer informative solutions for their problems. Remember, the longer your readers stay on your post the more possibility of the conversions.

4) Don’t Just Emphasize on Posting

Don’t just go on posting the same content again and again or with slight rewriting. Instead, try creating new content and post at intervals. Remember, once your readers are disinterested your content is useless.

5) SEO is Important but Don’t Be Crazy About Keywords

SEO is inevitable but it must not be the driving force of your efforts. Rather focus on the quality of your content. Keywords are essential and important but it must never be misused. Keywords must never negatively impact readers. Follow other methods for SEO such as meta description, anonyms, title tag, H1-H2-H3 etc. instead of stuffing keywords. Similarly, for images and videos such as Wave video use ALT tags.

6) Enrich Your Content with Mix-Ups

The contemporary content is not just the words. It is a mix up of words, images, videos, infographics, case studies, checklists, etc. Mix-ups content not only makes the content interesting but ranks higher.

7) Encourage Guest Bloggers

Guest blogging is an amazing way to rank your content, especially through back page SEO. This will not only enhance your traffic but reach to a wider audience. Secondly, if you explore some great bloggers, they make wonders for your business even if you may have to pay them.

Google ranks those contents that fulfil maximum content marketing strategies including SEO. Therefore, follow the above ways and make your content marketing more effective.