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Ghost Hosts

Firstly you need to understand that what is a ghost. It manages the behind-the-scenes activities and even supervises the content. When you are looking for ghost hosting reviews platforms, you need to take care of a lot of things. It can be a spooky endeavor, and it has its setups and concerns. Other platforms like WordPress became increasingly bloated, and a full-fledged content is also managed. The ghost hosts sites boasts the writing and the editing tools, and so many other things are on the technologies developers. A ghost comes in with basic PHP-driven platforms, including WordPress, Joomla, and even Drupal.

When you create content and publish it, it is not very significant neither sufficient because there is always a huge competition around. Unlike WordPress, for this, you do not need any of the SEO plug-ins, and the social sharing features are also commendable as they can distribute your content on popular platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. There are many things that a ghost provides, and some of them include the built-in Google AMP pages and XML sitemaps, Facebook Open Graph and Twitter card support.

Node.js is a well renowned fast technology stack that is relatively modern by its features, and it powers the Ghost. It even offers 19 times faster performance which WordPress is providing. This means that the Ghost hosting sites can respond to 19 requests. It even engages the smartphone user engagement.

Headless CMS

The main focus and goal of headless CMS are entirely on the facilitation of the workflows and the administrative interface dedicated to the content creators. Talking about that the ghost hosting even utilizes the headless CMS architecture. People are increasingly using the headless CMS, and the rate of its usage is increasing. The main advantage that it gives you is to choose the design technology. For this, you can quickly develop the website in a programming language such as Swift, Javascript, and Python, and all these are capable of performing the API requests.

Difference between a Ghost and a WordPress

The Ghost has the edge over the WordPress when we talk about blogging. The main function of WordPress is to help the site owners to design and to address the needs of the entire website, while the Ghost solely performs and provides the professional blogging tools to manage your content smoothly. WordPress is the one if you want to address your website needs and want to publish it.

Fast comet

If you want to share your creative content writer with the entire world, then fast comet is the right option for you. If you are talking about performance or features then you have come to the right platform. It is an SSD hosting provider, and it lets you access your database and even your essential files 300 times faster than the one which is a non- SSD hosting platform.

Node Chef

If you are looking for an affordable yet professional platform for your ghost hosting, this is the best option. It offers a straightforward user interface for uploading and removing different themes. It also provides the auto-scaling infrastructure, and you don’t have to worry about the traffic spike here.

Digital ocean

With Digital Ocean’s help, you can even get a 1 GB/ 1CPU and a 25 GB SSD transfer. If you want to understand how a ghost hosting platform works, then you need to take a look at this because it is quite suitable for you to know how a ghost works if it presents you with creative writings, and you can also share it with the entire world.

Features of Ghost Blogging platform

  • While you are upgrading a host, you are manually and periodically to ensure that it is a secure and bug-free version of itself.
  • Ghost hosting focuses on blogging and publishing, so it is the main reason it is free to use and much easier to navigate. The management and browsing are much easier as well.
  • The ghost hosting supports a variety of themes, Disqus comments, and googles custom search as well.
  • The Ghost features a robust spilled screen markdown which comes with an editor preview, and the content is also made more accessible.