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5 More Interesting Facts About Marijuana We’re Pretty Sure You Don’t Know About

Besides alleviating your mind of stress and giving you a sigh-of-relief high that it’s known for, below are 5 more interesting facts about marijuana. With vapes that are way beyond your ordinary from, read about why cannabis is a sought-after product. 

Interesting Marijuana Facts

1. How Marijuana Names Are Drafted

Did you know that there are over 1,200 colloquial or “slang” references for marijuana? That’s over 1,200 names you can call it by and ask your cannabis and vape retailer about. And that isn’t the only interesting fact here. 

These names, bizarre or funny as many of them may be, have been a tradition since the 1970s. At least, coming up with such hemp designations is. Why the wacky titles for marijuana and marijuana-infused products? 

Let’s just say that it’s because the brainstorming sessions involved in these name-decision making “meetings” are basically pot and/or vape sessions themselves. 

2. Weed Is In The Air

…specifically in the air in Italy, that is. Scientists have been studying the composition of this country’s atmosphere for years, and why they consistently find traces of marijuana in it. 

This is true of major iconic destinations such as the Pantheon, along with some of Italy’s major cities. 

This doesn’t mean that nationals who reside in the wonderfully boot-shaped country are constantly high. Not at all. Said marijuana traces are far too low to induce anything remotely close to pot-smoking effects. 

3. An Increase In Octane Strains

In a recent post, we’ve briefly brushed on the historical data about how cultivators of marijuana plants have been curing hybrids with stronger potencies. When comparing their level of psychoactive components, THC compounds are now at an astounding 14% higher than they were in 1995. 

For this reason, Drug Enforcement Agencies have become more operative in arresting illegal producers, as higher potencies of cannabis require better handling. A standard that many producers are yet to observe. 

4. Weed Allergies

It’s possible for a person to be allergic to marijuana. The cases are far and few between. Still, it’s a health risk, and you are going to want to get yourself diagnosed first before vaping away and into the beyond. 

It is definitely quite the rarity, so you shouldn’t be daunted. Also, these allergies manifest in common symptoms like coughing, sneezing, itchy nose, rashes, hives, and the like. Similar to symptoms of bodily reactions to pollen. 

Anaphylaxis, an occurrence when the body’s airways suddenly close down so that a person is unable to breathe, is another side effect. Then again, this one’s rarer. Chill and calm your nerves, folks.  

5. Beer Plus Marijuana = Crossfading

Beer is an antidepressant in that is slows the functions of your central nervous system. On the other hand, marijuana, or cannabis’ cannabinoid and tetrahydrocannabinol compounds, target your brain’s psychoactive capacities to give you that high. Together, you get drunk AND you get stoned. 

Though this may sound inviting, and at times, it gives you lethargy that’s relaxing, it may not always be the case. Too much of any of the two and you’ll be less productive even after their effects wear off.