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These 4 India’s Chicest Fashion Designers That Are Writing A New Language Of Fashion

“Fashion is a language that creates itself in clothes to interpret reality.”
― Karl Lagerfeld

These lines of Karl Lagerfeld certainly fit in the present context where day by day our clothing and the way we wear the dresses, is changing constantly and instantly. Sometimes you like this particular dress and sometimes you like that.

Nowadays people don’t wear clothes just for wearing or covering their body. These days, they wear it for their soul, sense, feel. Today’s millennial generation or Generation X, whatever you want to say it, wants to feel it what they have worn. It is like their temple, and the dress they have worn, speaks of their personality.

And it is with everyone different individually. How you dress and what you wear, presents you before other people, before whomever you go. The fashion industry is changing, in India, it has vastly. And it is an ever going change that would never stop.

Today we gonna talk about India’s emerging or emerged, popular and famous, awesome and super talented fashion designers. And they design everything. We mean clothes, for men and women, whether it is a shimmering sheer saree or a seductive blouse design or a traditional bridal suit. Just tell them what you want and they prepare for you a scissor and a thread.

A new wave: India’s emerging best chicest fashion designers

Masaba Gupta

Her name itself sounds like something mesmerizing as her designed clothes are. She is the graduate of Mumbai’s SNDT women’s University where she has gone through every layer of Apparel Manufacturing and Designing. After completing her study, she launcher her own fashion label “Masba”, debuting at Lakme Fashion Week’s Gen Next show.

She has her unique style, a mixture of Indian aesthetics with the inclusion of modernity. So vibrant, fine and radiating her fashion line is that you feel a certain aura of it that you can’t ignore. With her only debut, she has become one of the most sought-after fashion designers that fashionistas were always looking for and Bollywood can’t resist. She has won prestigious 2012 L’Oreal Paris Femina Award and PETA India’s most talented designer. Want to check her clothing line? Go and visit it, what you are waiting for?

Neha Singh and Pranav Guglani

When you wear something, you must feel a connection with it. Otherwise, it is like wearing a sack. With their every designed dress, you feel it whether it is a pussy-bow blouse design or something else. “Cord”, their design label, is about connection and rhythm. Though they can better explain. Neha Singh and Pranav Gupta’s every design evokes emotions whether they are reversible capes, double-up jackets, straps or jackets. Emotion in their every fold!

Bibhu Mohapatra

Perhaps he doesn’t need an introduction, his designed clothes are. And when America’s First Lady Michelle Obama has worn him, who needs an introduction? Bibhu Mohapatra is from Rourkela and went to the USA to study economics. But his love was in something else, in fashion. He studied fashion designing at the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.

He has worked with high profile brands like Halston and J. Mendel, and then after a brief stint, he launched his own eponymous label “Bibhu” in 2008. He has won 1997 critics’ Award for Best Evening Wear Designer of the Year.

Shewta Kapur

For her, women’s comfort is everything, and while sketching, she always wants to make them sexy and taking over this world and why not. Shewta Kapur’s main focus is on form, enhancing every cut and curve. She is writing a new language of fashion experimenting with forms and styles getting inspired by the rich history of India in textiles, drapes, and embroideries.

There are many and day by day new talent is rising, coming to India crossing boundaries of oceans and shining. Apart from all, if your wedding is taking place and you are looking for best bridal shops in your city but not coming to any best one, then don’t worry. Best bridal shops in your city you can find on Shaadidukaan, which is India’s fastest growing online wedding market.