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Types of Wine Racks

Whether you are trying to store 1 or 100 bottles, finding the best wine rack for your home may feel like an overwhelming task. With so many wine rack options, which rack will best serve your collection? Cellaring and collecting wine are time-honored and luxurious traditions that allow you to display beautiful bottles and also enjoy the delicious wine. The best rack for you will depend on several factors and how much space you have available.

Qualities of a Good Wine Rack

A reliable wine rack will have a few key characteristics. First, it should be made from a sturdy material that can sustain the weight of your wine when the rack is fully loaded. Wood, metal, plastic, ceramic, stone, and acrylic are all strong materials used to make wine racks. If you are adding your wine rack to a climate-controlled wine cellar, the material of the wine rack should be able to withstand the cool temperatures and high humidity. Second, the bottle should lay on its side or slightly angled down with the neck of the bottle pointed towards the floor. This allows the cork to remain wet, which protects the seal and prevents oxidization. Third, you want to make sure your wine rack fits the type of wine you are storing. For example, magnum, brandy, or split bottles will need a unique kind of wine rack to accommodate their bottle shape and size. Fourth, consider the assembly instructions of the wine rack. Some wine racks can be assembled without tools, and some are more labor-intensive. Fifth, take the location into account. Will you be placing your wine rack in a space where matching the décor is essential? Does it need to fit in a small area where space is limited?

Next, let’s explore some of the popular styles of wine racks on the market today.

Tabletop Wine Racks

When you are short on space or only looking to store a few bottles at a time, a tabletop wine rack is a great option. These compact wine racks will fit on a pantry shelf, on your kitchen counter, or even inside your refrigerator. Tabletop wine racks are available in a variety of bottle capacities and styles, from 1 bottle, 6 bottles, or 12 bottles. Some tabletop wine racks are stackable and allow you to add more wine racks as your collection grows. Tabletop wine racks may also include wine glass storage, making it easy to access your glasses when it is time to unwind with a nice drink or two.

Wall Mounted Wine Racks

A wall-mounted wine rack allows you to save valuable floor or counter space by housing your wine vertically. Multiple wall-mounted wine racks can be grouped on a wall to accommodate more extensive wine collections. Wall-mounted wine racks are also modular, which allows you to add more racks as you go. Most wall-mounted wine racks are easy to install and do not require professional installation, perfect for those who love to DIY.

Suspended Wine Racks

The newest style of wine rack gives the illusion that bottles are floating in the air. Modern suspended wine racking uses hanging wine racks made of metal, a combination of metal and wood, or acrylic. Types of racking used to create the look of a suspended wine rack include metal wine racks, wine pegs, cable wine racks, and acrylic wine racks. Sleek, modern lines that create an airy feel are the signatures of this particular style of wine storage.

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