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Are Tattoos the Way to Spoil or Decorate the Appearance?

Some people genuinely admire the drawings on the skin, while others categorically do not understand this art. Most often, the drawings on the skin disgust the older generation, who absolutely do not see the point in such a decoration. People who have at least some relation to medicine understand all the dangers of this procedure, but even not all health workers can resist the temptation to put a tattoo on their skin.

Movie stars, pop singers and specialized magazines have developed this fashion trend. And the youth, driven by the desire to be “not similar” to others, began to draw different symbols on their bodies and hang earrings on various parts of the body. The most avid fanatics of these methods of “decorating myself” already have an addiction, and they are no longer satisfied with just one tattoo or an earring in their nose. They carefully choose drawing and tattoo machines to make them. (Here you may read more But is it possible to come to a common opinion about tattoos, their purpose, and meaning? We tried to figure it out.

Two Opposite Opinions

Tattooing Is Beautiful and Stylish

Tattooing makes it possible to stand out from other people and look more stylish. If a motive with a symbolic meaning is chosen, then it is also an opportunity to bring into life a lot of positive emotions and motivation for the future.

The colorful tattoo will be even more elegant and stylish. If there are scars or irregularities on the body, then they will be hidden with a beautiful motive. Tattoo adorns the body and attracts attention. Therefore, for shocking personalities, there is no better way to stand out among the crowd and focus attention on themselves.

Tattooing Doesn’t Mean Real Change

Not appearance, but the inner world makes each person unique. We are unique, because each of us feels, thinks and experiences in a special way. It is very naive to think that by “changing” our body, we can drastically change something in ourselves. If you are dissatisfied with yourself, it is not enough to engage only in your external bodily shell. A real change occurs when a person is aimed at improving his/her self-esteem, at self-improvement, when he seeks to harmoniously combine inner abilities with the tasks that it is necessary to accomplish.

What Changes Are Possible on the Energy Level?

Human energy changes after tattooing. A harmonious tattoo enhances the strengths and reduces the flaws of the person. An additional energy channel passes through the symbol on the body, which will connect the tattoo owner with the subtle world. However, be prepared for the fact that receiving positive changes at the expense of tattoos, you have to part with something, donate something – this is one of the principles of energy circulation.

Therefore, analyze all factors when making decisions about the tattoo. Do not rush if you are not sure of your choice. It is always more sensible to wait and think things over than regret your actions.