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The Latest and Hottest Trends in Women’s Bikinis for summer 2019

The hot months of summer bring with them sunny beach afternoons and fun pool parties. And whether you’re at the pool or at a beach you should always be ready to hit the water in style. Shopping for swimwear and bikinis is not as easy as it sounds. When buying a bikini, you look for something that fits right and makes you feel confident in your own skin. Playing safe with a classic one-piece or triangle bathing suit can be quite tempting. And while triangle bikini sets and classic one-pieces never really go out of style, why not try something cheeky and fun this year? With bandeau bikini tops and animal prints making a comeback, you can go retro and make a bold statement or opt for a more neutral and classic approach with high cut bikini bottoms or nude colors. Here’s a look at the latest and hottest trends in women’s bikinis to help you find the right fit that makes you look beautiful and chic!

Bandeau Bikini Tops

The Bandeau bikini tops are once again trending the fashion charts this summer. These are strapless tops that mold to your bust like a band and include soft cups or boning to remain in place. Most suitable for small to medium chests, the bandeau bikinis are useful to avoid tan lines and get a good shape.

Floral Prints

The floral prints are a staple in women’s beach and swimwear. This is a style that never goes out of fashion. If you’re confused about what to buy, you cannot go wrong with floral string bikinis. Flirty floral bikinis in any style can instantly make you look ready for a day on the beach. Surely a wardrobe must-have!

Triangle Bikinis

The triangle bikinis are a classic style in women’s bikinis. They have adjustable ties at the back and the neck forming a triangle shape that is best suited for small chests. Well-known brands offer a variety of options like this Banana Moon Triangle Swimsuit for this quintessential style. With minimal coverage and fewer tan lines, this bikini is a favorite with women wanting a sexy and sleek look.

Underwire Tops

Underwire tops have padded bra cups designed with built-in wires that offer good support and lift and adjustable straps that provide proper size fitting. These tops can enhance smaller chests with their structured shape and offer good support for women with larger chests. Available in bold colors and prints, these tops can make you look fashionable and confident.

Belts and Knots

Beautiful bikinis with accessories like belts and rings embellished or attached to it are also doing the rounds this season. These bikinis with belts add some instant bling and style to your swimwear. Also trending the fashion charts this year is the knotted bikinis which have to be knotted at the top and give you a cheeky and casual look.

Animal Prints

Animal prints, especially the leopard prints, are once again topping the swimwear fashion charts this season. These bikinis in zebra, leopard, tiger, and snakeskin prints with matching bottoms can help you make a bold statement with your personal style.

High Cut Bottoms

These ultra-flattering bikini bottoms and swimsuits have a high waist and revealing cuts which give you a sleek look. With high revealing cuts, these bottoms give you a cheeky and sexy look which is equally modern and retro.

Nude Colors

For those of you who are looking for something subtly sexy as opposed to the loud and vibrant prints and designs in bikinis, you can also go for neutral and nude colors. These colors offer a soft, minimalist and understated look that highlights your natural shape.

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