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Health & Lifestyle Benefits of Vaping Over Smoking

Virtually everyone knows the risks that come with cigarette smoking. Every year, this dangerous habit causes thousands of people to die. For good reason, more and more smokers are starting to hop on the vaping bandwagon. Not only is vaping better for you, but it also doesn’t expose others to disease-causing tobacco smoke. Let’s check out the biggest health and lifestyle benefits of vaping.

Doesn’t Have a Large Number of Known Carcinogens

In comparison to smoking, vaping is far less harmful. According to a recent study performed by the Annals of Internal Medicine, vaping can significantly curb tobacco-related illnesses. People who truly care about their long-term health shouldn’t hesitate to make the change. Cigarettes contain a number of toxins that are known carcinogens. While smoking increases your risk of experiencing serious ailments like mouth cancer and emphysema, you also should consider the impact it has on your appearance. Typically, smokers are far more prone to having premature wrinkles and discolored teeth. Bad breath is another common side effect of smoking. None of these problems are associated with vaping.

Less Damage to Your Lungs

While smoking can affect various parts of the body, your lungs are especially prone to being damaged. Daily smokers cause even more harm to their lungs. When smoking conventional cigarettes, mucus gradually starts to build up in the airways. Over time, this can noticeably impact a person’s breathing. In an effort to clear the gunk, your body naturally triggers you to cough. Unfortunately, the thickness of the mucus makes it extremely difficult to remove. Wheezing is a sign of severely clogged airways. Continuing to smoke will also cause your lungs to age much faster. Infections will be harder to fight. Vaping will allow your lungs to function normally.

Less Likely to Jeopardize the Health of Others

Even if you aren’t concerned about the potential consequences of smoking, you should be considerate of others. Second-hand smoke is extremely dangerous. This is the reason why it’s now against the law to smoke inside of buildings. Cigarette smokers who have children need to be especially careful. When inhaling second-hand smoke, children are far more likely to develop severe asthma and ear infections. It can also stunt a youngster’s growth. With e-cigarettes, you won’t have to worry about causing harm to your loved ones.

E-Cigarettes Don’t Leave an Odor

There’s no overlooking the odor that tobacco smoke can leave behind. It can even absorb into your skin. Understandably, many people detest the smell of smoke. When you’re in public spaces, the smell is bound to offend someone. If you’ve grown tired of smelling like an ashtray, consider switching to e-cigarettes. The vapor from an e-cigarette tends to dissipate within about 10 seconds. On the other hand, cigarette smoke tends to linger in the air for long periods of time. Even worse, people can smell cigarette fumes from a block away.

Good Smoking Cessation Tool

If you’re trying to break your habit of smoking cigarettes, vaping will prove to be a great cessation tool. A study indicates vaping can help you to quit smoking for good. After one year, nearly 20 percent of the study participants who were given e-cigarettes had ceased smoking. This is good news for folks who are addicted to tobacco. E-cigarettes give you the feeling of smoking a traditional cigarette without the bad stuff. There’s no carbon release with vaping. Many users find the warm vapor of an e-cigarette to be similar to that of cigarette smoke. Furthermore, you’ll have different nicotine levels to choose from.

Allows You to Enjoy a More Rewarding Lifestyle

As mentioned earlier, it’s illegal to smoke inside public buildings. Smokers are forced to light up outside. In many places, you can’t even smoke on the premises. This can be especially uncomfortable during the middle of winter. Vaping will give you far more freedom. There isn’t a law prohibiting you from exhaling e-cigarette vapors indoors. Whether you’re walking through the mall or having a drink at the bar, you won’t need to step outside to have a smoke. Nothing beats being able to socialize without making any sacrifices.

As you can see, vaping holds many advantages over cigarette smoking. E-cigarettes are less damaging to your health, less offensive to the people around you, and more accommodating to your lifestyle. If recent trends continue, more people will start to reap the benefits of vaping.

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