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What makes an effective flyer?

With the rise of social media, many business owners are using this platform as the sole way to market their company, event or product. However, that doesn’t mean that more traditional marketing methods such as posters, flyers and business cards can’t still be used and be as effective. 

Many potential customers have become so used to scrolling that digital marketing campaigns can be easily missed or skipped past to find the next exciting piece of content. With print marketing, the content is in physical form and can be kept hold of to refer to at a later time. It’s also fairly easy to target a particular demographic.

Don’t dismiss the idea of print when marketing your product or service. Here are some top tips to help you and your business get the most out of print marketing. 

Think about your business’ USPs and consider the audience you want to target to determine how you will go about this. Consider their daily habits and choose effective places to promote your business based on their lifestyle. For example, your target market could be residents in a local area, customers who shop at a certain store or those who read a particular magazine.

Try to avoid too much competition – you don’t want to place your flyer in a shop next to one selling exact same product or service. In this case, choose different methods of marketing such as newspaper ads, door-to-door leafleting or promote your service in the next town. 

Be strategic about design

Think about what you want your flyer or poster to achieve and how to attract your customer base. Choose a design, font and colours that will reflect your product, service or event and appeal to your target audience. If you’re offering a professional service, don’t create a flyer that’s overly fussy, bright or quirky. If you’re promoting a pop-up art event, make sure your print marketing is visually attractive and engaging. 

Create a design that’s easy to read but that doesn’t include too much content that it’s overwhelming for the audience. Don’t forget to make sure your print marketing looks professional by using a leaflet or flyer design template

What to include

Your leaflet, flyer or poster should include only the necessary information. For an event such as a gig this would be the location, date and time, the cost, how to get tickets and the band information. For a product you’d need to include an image, contact details, the price and the USP. 

Keep sentences short and include a call to action and a catchy tag line. This will help customers remember you. 

Following these simple tips will give you a head start when thinking about using print marketing to promote your business.