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Albuquerque Tree Trimming Service: Signs You Need To Trim Down A Big Old Tree

Trees can be very beneficial as it can make your home more comfortable, increase your property’s value, and improve your health. However, time will come when you need to trim down trees because their existence can cause more harm than good.

Aside from knowing which tree service Albuquerque or local contractors to hire, it’s also important to determine when is the best time to have these trees trimmed down.

You don’t need to depend on online sources or ask other people to know if your trees need to be trimmed. Paying close attention to your tree can actually provide signs that it needs to be cut down.

When you’ve noticed any of the things listed below, it’s high time to have your trees trimmed:

1. Power Lines Are Tangled In The Branches

The branches of the trees are one of the reasons why these plants are very pleasing to look at. The size and direction of its branches can add drama and elegance to any property. But, when these branches start to grow and tangled in power lines, that’s another story. Branches tangled with power lines can be the reason for accidents and injuries.

Utility poles can easily tumble over once its power lines are tangled with tree branches. Strong winds can cause the trees to fall down. If its branches are already intertwined with power lines, it won’t be long before the utility poles will fall to the ground, as well.

Once this happens, your home and the people living around you will lose electricity. This can be life-threatening, especially when this happens in the middle of a storm or calamity. How can you call for help? How can your family members move during nighttime? How can you cook your meals?

When you noticed any power lines getting tangled in tree branches, call contractors who offer tree trimming Albuquerque or locally. If possible, call them once you see the branches are starting to get close to nearby power lines. Having your trees trimmed by professionals will ensure that your utility poles are safe.

2. Broken Or Splintering Branches

As mentioned, branches are important to trees. Aside from affecting how the trees look, branches can also contribute to the shade that trees provide. But, branches can only provide these benefits if they’re healthy.

Any broken or splintering branches can only become a safety risk as these can fall and hurt you or your family members. In worse cases, broken and splintering branches can fall onto nearby structures, such as a garage, and can cause severe damage. A damaged garage can cause more money from your pocket as you’ll have to hire professionals to have this structure fixed.

Take the time to walk around your trees and notice how its branches look. Seeing broken or splintering branches is one of the most obvious signs that you need to have your trees trimmed. The earlier you call professional trimming services, the less likely these branches will cause harm to your family and property.

3. Trees Survived A Storm

Storms are common in several cities in the world. Depending on your location, you might experience storms a few times during the year. If you have recently experienced one and your trees are still standing, don’t be too complacent. Strong storms can usually lessen the strength and deteriorate the tree’s health.

Stay on the safe side and have your trees trimmed after experiencing a storm in your area. Even if there isn’t any visible damage yet, trees can easily fall over after surviving a storm.

Since these trees are already weak, a gust of wind can be enough for them to tumble over. This is especially true for aged and old trees.

4. Excessive Greeneries

The leaves of the trees can add a pop of color to any property. A home painted in neutral colors can stand out once trees are planted all around it. When you choose to plant fruit-bearing or flower-bearing trees, the view can even get better.

But just like anything excessive in this world, too many leaves on the trees can also pose serious dangers. For one, having excessive greeneries can eventually become too dense and catch strong winds. This can result in structural damages and injuries.

Aside from this, excessive greeneries can also entice rodents to build their homes in the trees on your property. When these rodents become too accustomed to your property, it won’t be long before they’ll invade your home and damage your valuables; rodents can eat your furniture and weaken your home’s structure.

If you can no longer see through the branches of your trees, have it trimmed immediately. Again, you want these trees to improve how your property looks, not become the reason for your home’s damages.

Trees Are Temporary

Trees have a limited lifespan, so don’t expect that you can keep yours in your property forever. By knowing when to have trees trimmed, you’ll have an attractive property without compromising the safety of your family and your entire neighborhood.