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Trends 2021 – 4 Chic Ways to Wear a Tank Top

Tank tops are cheap, simple, and a part of every girl’s wardrobe. They are so simple and common that we don’t think that they can be the star of our outfit. But as summers approach, tank tops are the first choice of every girl as they are comfortable and sleeveless. Here are four ways you can rock the tank top and look like a glamorous, fashionable, and chic adult.

1) High waist pants and a belt

Wide strap tank tops have beautifully replaced the spaghetti strap tank tops, and we are glad they did. Wide strap tank tops are more bra-friendly. In order to look chic, go for a color other than white or gray and pair it up with high-waist pants. Properly tuck in the tank top and add a belt of your choice to finish your look. You can go for leather belts, gold chain belts, or printed fabric tied in bow-type belts.

2) High neck tank tops and big earrings

High neck tank tops are topping the charts for this year’s trendy looks, and you can purchase them from wholesale clothing vendors. They are surely a must-have, and if you do not have any, you need to go shopping. You can pair them up with denim shorts, silky cargo pants, and tennis shorts. In order to turn heads, pair your ensemble with statement earrings that will draw attention to your beautiful beauty bones and neckline. 

3) Monochrome dressing

The monochrome dressing allows you to make your simple assembly look more fancy and classy. Be it shades of white, black clothes from head to toe or shades of green, monochrome dressing makes you look really chic. You should go with pieces that are tailored according to your size. They should not be too baggy, flowy, or cut-off shorts. This will help you keep your assemble polished and classy.

4) Tailored trousers and jewelry

This summer, try wearing silk camisoles with thin straps paired with tailored trousers. Also, keep your jewelry minimum because a lot of big jewelry can ruin your entire assemble. Keep it simple and classy.

5) Do not wear your tank top untucked with skinny jeans

According to Gen Z, skinny jeans are totally out of fashion. But in 2021, skinny jeans and tank tops are back on top but with a twist. You need to wear your tank top tucked in with skinny jeans. You can then pair it up with a chain necklace, a thin bracelet, or a belt with a good-colored buckle. If you really want to upgrade your style, you can swap your skinny jeans with mom jeans or a cropped wide leg.

6) Do not pair your tank top with long necklaces

Colorful jewelry and long necklaces are in trend these days but pairing them with a decent tank top can be a bad idea. If you wear a super long beads necklace on a tank top, you will look like a teenager playing dress-up. If you want to wear jewelry, you can go for bold statement earrings.

In a nutshell

The above-mentioned dos and don’ts will help you style your tank top and look classy. Tank tops are a part of every girl’s wardrobe but only come to know how to use them to create a classy, chic, and glamorous outfit.