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Planning the Perfect Spring Corporate Event

Are you planning to host an event for your company this spring? If so, then you’ve got some work to do! By planning in advance, following the advice below, and getting help from expert corporate event planners in NYC, you can make your corporate event a success. Read on to learn about the ways that you can make your event fun for everyone. 

  • Choose a Seasonal Theme

Choosing a seasonal theme gives you some direction when you’re planning your event, so selecting your theme is one of the first things you should do. If you’re working with a committee of people to get your seasonal event off the ground, include other members of your team when selecting the theme. 

Select a short, catchy name. Keep the name of your event short enough that people from your company will remember the name and talk about it conversationally. The name of your event should help spread the word that your event is happening, so make it something fun and easy to say. Your corporate event planners NYC can help you choose a name if you’re struggling with this. 

Don’t be afraid to choose an abstract theme. When most people think of spring themes, their natural inclination is to choose something tangible, like eggs or flowers. Abstract themes are ok too! Some examples:

  • Warm Weather
  • Wild Fun
  • Bye-bye Winter
  • Sunshine

Be ready to support the theme with merchandise, decor and more. Once you’ve selected a theme, incorporate it into every discussion about decor. Buy special merchandise for your event, with the name of the theme on your merchandise. 

  • Plan Fun Activities

Plan activities for everyone who attends your event. If your event is only attended by people who work at your company, plan to hold team-building events. If your event will be attended by spouses and children, plan family-friendly activities like games, shows, and more.

Create an agenda. Plan to have periods of downtime between activities, and if your event is large enough, plan to have multiple activities occurring at the same time. 

  • Select a Venue with Outdoor and Indoor Spaces

Choose a flexible venue that features indoor and outdoor spaces. For COVID safety, it’s a good idea to hold a substantial portion of your event outside. Plan to cover some of your outdoor spaces in the event of rain. If the weather is very poor, you’ll need those indoor spaces. Keep people spread out and give them plenty of room to socially distance.

  • Hire a Corporate Event Planner

Hiring NYC corporate event planners can make planning your event easier and less stressful. When you’re working with a corporate event planner, you can rest easy knowing that there’s a professional on your team, helping you create the most enjoyable spring event possible.

Consider reputable companies with a long-standing history of satisfying their clients. Companies like Twenty Three Layers, a corporate event planning company based out of NYC, can help you plan an event that people will remember for years to come. Working with a pro gives you peace of mind, and helps make your event a success.