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How to Make Your Budget Wedding Look Fancy

Beautifully on Budget

You have dreamed about a perfect wedding and reception for many years. In your mind’s eye, your guests dine elegantly on fine china plates and sip from elegant crystal stemware. The silverware is gleaming. Serving platters are heaped full of wonderful foods. Then come the worries.

“Who will wash all those dishes?” “Will the caterer charge by the hour?” “What if some of the dishes are inadvertently broken or someone takes a small piece as a souvenir?” “Will I be paying to replace inventory?” “Who is going to wash all the linens, the napkins and table covers?” You begin to rethink your dreams. “What are my options?” you ask.

Disposable catering options

A disposable party serving ware can be very attractive. Textures and designs on dishes look dramatic when accented with metallic accents or in white on white patterns. Clear acrylic stemware and colored acrylic ware as well can dress your table and bar beautifully. can help you set a buffet or sit down table that looks beautiful in your wedding pictures and will help you save on the labor of clean up or fears of breakage. With their reasonable prices and packages, you can easily afford cheap plastic champagne glasses or other barware that can simply be thrown away. What a beautiful way to have a memorable meal.

Eco-friendly catering options

Perhaps you are concerned about the environment and choose to not use plastic for your plates and serving pieces. There are, surprisingly, choices that are kind to the environment as well as beautiful. Chargers to set off your plates can be made from cardboard but decorated elegantly. Pure white dishes made of sugar cane fiber are kind to the earth. For a natural look palm leaf dishes look like polished wood yet they can be gathered up and recycled or put into the trash in good conscience knowing that they are earth-friendly.

Underneath or alongside it all

Underneath your striking disposable dishes, you will want a suitable table cover. It needs to be both durable and disposable. offers a wide variety of both rectangular and round plastic table covers. They come in many colors and sizes for the perfect backdrop at your event. Alongside your dishes, you will enjoy the linen-like-feel of paper table napkins. Buy them in colors and designs to fit your theme. Many styles are available as drink napkins and lunch napkins as well.

Budget-friendly supplier is your budget-friendly supplier for all of your beautiful occasions. Not only do they have cheap plastic champagne glasses, and coordinating paper goods including decorative striped paper straws, but they also offer a rewards membership to help you save on the cost of your wedding. You only need to register online to earn money back for all of your purchases. Shop with them for less clean-up and fewer worries. They can affordably supply beautiful and unique tableware for your budget-friendly wedding events.