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2020 Fall Fashion Trends

Fall can be a tricky time for choosing what to wear. The diversity of the season can make picking the right outfit a challenge; one day it’s warm and sunny, the next freezing cold. Make a wardrobe error and you might find yourself sweating profusely or soaked to skin. 

As luck would have it, we’ve taken the time to check out the most fashionable and functional clothing for you this fall. This year’s hot picks are in; now let’s take a look at what to wear as the weather gets colder.

1. Baggy Trousers with Boots

For years skinny jeans and skin tight leggings have been the go to items, but now the winds of change are blowing: baggy trousers are back! Baggy trousers of all kinds are being worn right now, including loose denim jeans, slouchy jeans, wide leg pants, and even flares. But the winter 2020 style is to wear straight legged trousers tucked into winter boots. This looks is functional, warm, and fashionable. 

2. Fake Leather Jackets

This fall fashion season is all about vegan fake leather jackets. Faux vegan leather is very in, while in the ‘woke’ world of fashion, real leather is starting to be considered something of a faux pas. And this fall brown faux leather is where it’s at. Try a multi-pocket, brown belted jacket from fake leather, or a brown faux leather trench coat. 

3. Chunky Chelsea Boots

During the fall 2020 Paris Fashion Week Stella McCartney debuted a stunning pair of vegan, cruelty free Chelsea boots with extraordinarily chunky soles. The boots mades waves in the fashion world and became an instant hot item for fall and winter. What’s more, thick-soled, Chelsea-style combat boots are also a hot pick for your feet this fall; proving once more the timeless style of the Chelsea boot design.  

4. Fall Colors: Blue and Natural Tones

Exhibit your sartorial elegance this fall by combining light, soft blues with a range of natural tones. To make this color combination work, focus on the natural tones and then add a dash of blue to your ensemble. The combination is soft and unassuming while being undeniably trendy.