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5 of The Most Inspiring Travel Blogs to Follow

Writing a travel blog, or living the life of a digital nomad, seems to have become one of the most wanted careers of the century. Their ability to broadcast to an international audience can provide a massive reach for any marketing campaign, and the increased creativity involved in travel content production has created an array of opportunities. However, there are some truly inspiring travel influencers who we believe stand out from the crowd.

1-Travel Mad Mum @travelmadmum

A family of four who love to travel, with the aim of inspiring other families and parents to do the same. The Travel Mad Mum blog is driven by Karen Edwards, and supported by her husband Shaun and their two kids, Esme and Quinn. This inspiring family have developed a very informative and easy-to-use blog, and are keenly engaged with other like-minded parents across a variety of social media channels.

Affiliated with Lonely Planet and featured on a wide selection of publications, they empower the importance and accessibility of family travel. With Karen’s biggest message to fellow parents representing how your travelling lifestyle does not have to end when you start a family.

2-How Far From Home @howfarfromhome

Stevo and Chanel have created an inspiring travel brand which is much more than just a blog. Their repertoire includes brand collaborations, travel film production, adventure photography, and online courses. These two are a great example of the ‘jack-of-all-trades’ mentality that a lot of creative influencers have begun to utilise.

The HFFH team are regularly collaborating with companies via Instagram with page takeovers and sponsored campaigns, while also producing content for Instagram’s blog. These types of social media partnerships show healthy influencer campaigns and a trusted brand image.

3-Mr Ben Brown @mrbenbrown

Mr Ben Brown is a daily travel vlogger. His down-to-earth style captivates a large YouTube following, while the video production team create professional content using the next best videography kit.

Since rising to fame as an influencer, Ben has worked on an Audi Sport video campaign, created music videos, and continues to influence a wide target audience. Ben’s mission to produce high-quality video blogs as regularly as humanly possible shapes him as an inspiring and pro-active travel influencer.

4-The Blonde Abroad @theblondeabroad

Kiki, also known as Kiersten Rich, is a Californian who left the corporate finance world to travel and has developed a vibrant brand that spans across a variety of channels.

Her travel blog has generally been directed towards solo-travelers and females, with informational travel advice and support, as well as offering all-female tours on her website. However, the Blonde Abroad has substantially grown and is now named the second Top Travel Influencer by Forbes.

5-Damon and Jo @damonandjo

Damon Dominique and Joanna Franco started documented their travels on YouTube and have now created a global media platform called Shut Up And Go. These two are a multilingual pair who involve language teaching within their YouTube channel, as well as travel videos, vlogs, and workout routines to name a few. Shut Up And Go provides opportunities for fellow writers and creatives to contribute, with an underlying focus on audience engagement. And their on-screen friendship blended with adventurous experiences has helped to promote alternative and international living.

The Future of Travel Influencers

These five travel influencers are shaping a driving force that will progress the future of influencer marketing. Whether their audience are parents wanting to travel, families without the motivation, or corporate businessman looking for a way out, the power of a travelers influence is on an international scale. And it seems that most digital nomads are now becoming creatives across a selection of different channels, allowing their brand to support a wide variety of influencer marketing campaigns.

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