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The Pros and Cons of Design with White Kitchen Cabinets In Modern Home

To many homeowners, the number one cabinet color choice is white. White cabinets are indeed very popular. From the classic ages until our modern age, they have always been among the top trending designs. 

Interestingly, drawers with white paint draw admiration and disgust in equal measure. We traversed the internet to find out why people love and hate white cabinets in equal measure. We found out their benefits and disadvantages, all of which give a glimpse of the mixed reaction they are generating. 

If you want to know the good and bad sides of white kitchen cabinets, relax and enjoy this article. 

White Kitchen Cabinets Explained 

Cabinets come in varying paints or shades. Interestingly, the color white is the most dominant color for cabinets. They draw their popularity from the factors below. 

  • Versatility

White cabinets exist in a multitude of varieties. From color to design, shape, and decorative elements, these drawers vary in many aspects. Even though their whitish shade may cheat you that they are similar, these drawers may vary in terms of color features. 

You can find them in different white shades, including cream, pearl, vanilla, and eggshell versions of white. Apart from these, white cabinets are also versatile in terms of material features. You can get some with natural wood and others with man-made materials and textures, all of which are great options anyone can choose from. 

  • The Practicability of White Shades

White kitchen cabinets can reflect light to make the interior in which they are housed more light in terms of visual appearance. Besides, with these drawers, your kitchen can feel exceptionally spacious regardless of its actual size, thanks to the lightness that comes with a white appeal. 

Because white is notorious for exposing dust and dirt, white cabinets can make you keep your scullery clean at all times unless you love seeing dirt marks and spillages around you. If you ever wondered why kitchens with whitish drawers or walls are always ever clean, then you should know that white can make you enhance cleanliness. This is all because of its unrivalled ability to expose even the minute form of dirt. 

  • Compatibility with Multiple Colors 

Because white is a neutral color, it can blend well with many bold colors. For example, white kitchen cabinets are cabinet designs that can be mixed with different sets of colors. With white cabinets in your scullery, you will never have to worry about interior decoration since you can easily achieve your dream design with any color at hand. 

Considering that white-painted drawers rhyme with many different colors, they are somehow fixable in all types of kitchens, from rustic-looking traditional cookhouses to seemingly clean and luxurious contemporary sculleries. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of White Kitchen Cabinets

  • Advantages 

#1: Functionality

While cabinets whose surfaces can easily expose dirt marks can seem tiresome in terms of cleaning, they are good at making you keep an interior clean and well-maintained. Hence, white-painted drawers are beneficial in terms of enhancing cleanliness in any interior they are based. 

Moreover, because white blends well with many colors, drawers with white paint are highly functional when it comes to styling. As already mentioned, these drawers can work in all types of kitchens, from classic to modern types of kitchens. 

#2: Higher Resale Value

Because white is considered a timeless color in interior design, white kitchen cabinets come with a higher resale value. If by any chance you are planning to sell your house anytime soon, then you better consider installing white-painted cupboards to upscale the resale value of your house. With their pristine clean appearance, cabinets with white paint will make your house look new and luxurious and thus attract a better value. 

#3: Ease of Access

Considering the ease of finding white paint, white-painted cabinets are some of the easiest cabinet designs to find. If you want to paint your cabinetries white, you will find the process easier than you expect, thanks to the fact that white and its various shades are easy to find and apply which is unlike countless types of paints used in the design of cabinets. 

If by any chance your white cabinets start fading, you will not have to fret in terms of repainting their surfaces. While you easily find the right paint for the drawers, you will enjoy the painting process because white paints, just like black, don’t require any professional know-how or artistic prowess. 

  • Disadvantages 

#1: Susceptibility to Effects of Tear and Wear

Due to their light surfaces, white kitchen cabinets can easily be scratched, corroded by spills, or rendered untidy by the presence of dust particles. While this is not necessarily a problem, it highlights how white-painted drawers can prove to be difficult to keep clean and well-maintained. Nonetheless, if you keep your whitish drawers clean and free from scratches and spills, they last long without showing any signs of tear and wear. 

#2: Too Cold and Clinical 

If you want your kitchen hall to feel colder and clinic-like, then let white dominate the larger part of the hall, for example, cabinetries. Considering that white is neutral, cabinets with white paint can make an interior feel cold, especially in the absence of a warmer shade, for example, black, which can absorb heat. To avoid this situation, it is better to pair white-painted drawers with bolder colors. 

How to Choose the Right White for Kitchen Cabinets

Because white kitchen cabinets come in varying shades of white, you need to be acquainted with tips on choosing the right white cabinets. 

The tips for choosing the perfect white for kitchen cupboards include the following; 

  • Consider the Colors inside your Kitchen: The colors on the walls, floors, and ceiling of your kitchen hall can tell you something about the shade of white you should choose for the cabinetry. For example, if your kitchen’s interior is marked by lighter colors, you may have to go for cabinets with warmer white shades and vice versa. 
  • Talk to Professional Designers: You can talk to professional interior designers to know more about different shades of white. By knowing the varying shades of white, you can determine which one is the best for your cabinets. You can also scan online furniture showrooms to find out different types of whites perfect for cabinetries. 


For many years, white-painted cupboards have topped the list of trending cabinet designs. While they draw mixed reactions, white kitchen cabinets are widely considered timeless elements in interior design. These drawers are easy to use, functional, and easy to access. Even though they are difficult to maintain, white cabinets come with a guarantee of a higher resale value, something that many modern homeowners are looking for.