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Is There Such A Thing As A Perfect Guest Bedroom?

When people stay over at your property, it’s only natural to want them to have a great stay. However, there’s a balancing act you need to pay attention to when it comes to these instances. 

While the guest’s visit will surely involve many different activities, often the quality of their stay can be surmised from the type of guest bedroom they stay in. After all, just a few nights bad sleep can upset a person’s brain, so if this is what your guest is subjected too, chances are they will spend the bulk of their time with you tired, hungry, and perhaps even moody. 

Designing the perfect guest bedroom is an important ordeal then, helping the dweller retire each evening comfortably and safely. So, what matters require your attention here? Read on after the jump to find out. 

Set Neutral Themes

While other areas of your house benefit greatly from bolder inflections of your individuality, it’s essential that the guest bedroom remains decidedly neutral in terms of décor. 

This is because it’ll help minimize the chances of the room being polarizing to the guests that wind up staying there. Remember, you’re not outfitting the space for one guest, even if some will be staying with you more, or for longer for longer periods, than others. What you need is a room that is sure to not ruffle the feathers of anybody, and to meet that aim, generic aesthetics are the safest way to go. 

Start with an unassuming, impartial colour scheme. Hues of beige, cream, or even white will make sure the room isn’t figuratively shouting out an overbearing personality. Next, a minimalist approach is best in terms of what objects you feature, so removing things like fancy ornaments or artwork that is too fabulous could be a good idea. 

Of course, the great thing about a neutral is approach is that your arrangements will be pleasant, but not enchanting. Many people look for ways to get rid of overstaying guests, particularly at Christmas time, and one of the sure-fire ways you can politely usher people out the door on time is to simply provide a nice guest room that at the same time could never feel like home. Don’t make a horrible room, but simply create one that perhaps isn’t the best room in the house.  

Focus on Practicality

Having a neutral guest room shouldn’t mean just supplying your guest with a bed and nothing else. 

After all, some people turn their spare rooms into a makeshift Airbnbs, so there are some inclusions that will work nicely in the space. An air of practicality is likely the best route to go down, making the room dynamic yet at the same time, not overly indulgent or permissive. 

For example, you could feature any of the following:

  • A desk and chair: Even if the guest’s visit is not work related, a space where they can put their laptop or charging phones down without the chance of stepping on them will no doubt be appreciated. 
  • Toiletries and towels: Suppling your guest with their own toiletries and towels is a considerate thing to do. Also, it’ll ensure they never mistakenly use any of your own. It’s also a subtle reminder that their visit is temporary, as their things won’t be mixed in with your yours in storage either. 
  • Extra blankets: If you get too cold in the night in your own home, you can simply throw on an extra blanket. However, guests in a new space will be unable to do the same without awkwardly enquiring for more layers in the middle of the night, so a fresh set of blankets will be a big plus. 
  • Bins: Self-explanatory, but a bin should always be provided to ensure the guest room remains tidy during the guest’s stay. 
  • Clocks: A common sight in communal areas, but perhaps a more formal addition to a guest bedroom. Still, the addition of a clock may just communicate a subconscious reminder that guests shouldn’t get too comfortable in the room and spend their limited time with you wisely. 
  • Fans: Useful in the summer, keeping your guests cool in the summer is important. The soothing hum of a fan may send them off to sleep a little better too. 

As you can see, though you’d be focusing on making the room more practical with these additions, you’re not orchestrating an entirely soulless space. Each of these extras shows that you’ve bothered to think about your guest’s wellbeing and make suitable arrangements to improve it. That should be the primary purpose of a guest bedroom, rather than any sort of flashy and extravagant display. It’s a place between places, and so shouldn’t be overly elaborate. 

Treat the Bed as the Centrepiece

The bed is the only area of the guest bedroom where the boat needs to be well and truly pushed out. 

As previously discussed, a good night’s sleep could have an enormous impact on whether your guest enjoys their stay. The obvious way to address this matter is to provide a nice bed, and not only this, but to treat it as the literal centrepiece of the room. After all, your guest is here to sleep almost as much as they are to spend time with you, so the quality of the bed should be on par with the quality of your company (which is hopefully nice!). 

Companies like Bedkingdom provide a great range of beds and mattresses fit for people with any preferences you can think of. Here you’ll find selections with beautiful bed frames, or ottoman beds that’re fit for both sleep and storage, which could be handy if guests need to pack things away in a smaller room. The bed is the star of the show, and Bedkingdom will help you realize that fact with no small measure of sophistication, and of course, comfort. 

Clean the Guest Bedroom Thoroughly

After your main arrangements are all in place, the cherry on the cake is the pride you feel in providing a room that has been consistently cleaned. 

After all, because guest bedrooms are subject to infrequent use, they’re often sometimes mistakenly treated as an afterthought by their owners. Before long, they become a guest bedroom for vermin, dust and dirty areas that rarely get a look in. 

While you’re not really running a hotel yourself, it might be a good idea to consult the opinions of hygiene experts on cleaning your home effectively. Best brands that provide cleaning products, and how to use them, is all detailed via other sources online, so source the best equipment possible for a job well done to maintain the bedroom effectively. After that, wipe down all the surfaces, hoover every corner, and air the room by opening a window. Check behind the bed too for signs of damp or mould. 

Remember, this isn’t a job that should be left until the night before your guest arrives. If you leave the room to essentially go grimy and dirty for months on end, there’s a good chance your neglect will do long lasting damage to the room. For example, if mould goes unseen and untreated, it could cause irremovable stains to appear on the walls, or even structural damage and health issues in severe cases. Stay vigilant with the guest room, and when a visitor does eventually come around again, they’re guaranteed a safe and enjoyable stay.

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