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Simple and Thorough Guide to Vacuuming

You’re probably thinking, what about vacuuming is so complicated that someone would need a guide to figure it out? Well friends, prepare to open your minds. As easy as the act of vacuuming sounds, there are some game changing tips and tricks that help optimize the process tenfold, meaning you’ll spend less time and less energy vacuuming while attaining even better results. Deepen your knowledge on vacuuming so that you can make sure that you are vacuuming your living space to the most optimal level.

Important Vacuuming Techniques

As a general rule of thumb, make sure that you are following these helpful hints to keep your house as clean and shiny as possible:

  • Vacuum all soft surfaces at least once a week. Sure, vacuuming isn’t the most fun chore in the world, but neglecting cleaning wood floors, especially those with soft carpeting, allows dust, allergens, and dirt to build up over time. This build-up needs to be avoided because it can eventually cause degradation of the flooring materials. Since vacuuming can be time consuming, don’t nurture the idea that vacuuming must be done all at once, this is how the chore gets neglected entirely. Just tell yourself that you will focus on vacuuming just one room per day, this means you’re only spending 5-10 minutes of your day vacuuming, and at the same time, you’ll be keeping your carpets in tip top shape.
  • Investing in a good vacuum cleaner is worth it, trust us. Wanna make your job easier, save time, and avoid having to buy a new vacuum cleaner yearly? Spending a few more dollars for a higher quality vacuum is worth it. Higher quality vacuums don’t just have a longer life-span, but they are also much more effective at cleaning dirt, dust, and allergens from your flooring surfaces.
  • Use attachments to clean unusual or hard-to-reach places. Did you realize that by using a variety of vacuum attachments you can clean most surfaces in your home? Use the hose nozzle attachment to clean upholstery, stairs, crevices, and hard to reach corners. Soft brush attachments help clean soft surfaces, including car seats and rugs.
  • Change your vacuum bags before they are full. This makes a big difference in how effective your vacuum is operating. Experts actually suggest replacing vacuum bags when they are ⅔ full and never waiting until they are entirely full. If you notice that your vacuum doesn’t seem to be picking up dirt or is running slow, take a look at the vacuum bag and make sure it doesn’t need to be replaced.
  • Out of sight, out of mind does not apply to vacuuming. Unless you actually want to transform your home into a dirt and dust trap swirling with allergens, then don’t neglect cleaning the hidden places even if no one sees them. Make a point to clean under couches, appliances, beds, and tables at least once a month.

Different types of vacuum cleaners and their pros and cons:

Not all vacuums are created equal. Purchasing a vacuum is an investment that must be made with thoughtful care. But don’t worry, the experts at Vacuum Advisor have analyzed and compared these sweeping robots at depth to help you conveniently find the one you like best. Here is a little bit of info on the different types of vacuums available so that you can choose the best one for your household cleaning needs:

Handheld Vacuums

Handheld vacuums are a good vacuum to purchase in conjunction with a bigger, more sturdy vacuum as handheld vacuums offer general convenience that larger vacuums don’t offer. They usually charge on a charging station, and then can be carried to be used portably, offering the convenience of being able to clean your car, or other tight and hard-to-reach places around your house and living area. They are usually lightweight in design and most models are bagless, with a compartment where the dirt and dust collects which can be emptied into the trash whenever it becomes full. One of the main pros of this vacuum style is that they are usually very inexpensive and last quite a while.

Canister Vacuums

Canister vacuum cleaners are a good middle ground option between the upright and the stick model vacuums. They are slender in a frame like a stick cleaner but function powerfully like upright cleaners. It is called a canister vacuum because a separate canister where all the dirt and dust collect is attached to a long wand which is used to do the cleaning up. Because it is the most technologically efficient and optimal, it tends to be one of the most expensive styles of vacuum cleaners, though, it is a worthwhile investment to make.

Upright Vacuums

Upright vacuum cleaners are some of the most popular and well-known styles of vacuums. They are known for offering the most power, suction, and durability of any other vacuum style. This is the classic style of vacuum that you can most likely picture in your mind. They are versatile and work well to clean dirt and debris from most floor surfaces, including carpet and hardwood. Upright vacuums are a good investment and a wise choice as a general option for houses because they will do the job efficiently and last a long time.

Stick Vacuums

Stick vacuums are lightweight, sleek in design, and often times they are also portable. They are however, known to be the least powerful of the vacuum models. That isn’t to say that they don’t perform well though. They are tremendously effective at cleaning hardwood floors, rugs, and light carpeting. They are called stick vacuums because of their long stick-like handle and all-around slender design. Because of their compact design, they store easily in a small closet space or propped up against a refrigerator.

Robot Vacuums

Robot vacuum cleaners have only recently become a popular option. They require little maintenance and effort while in use. In fact, they do the job so that you don’t have to worry about it. They operate by roaming freely around your home and automatically suck up any mess that they cross paths with. There are some drawbacks though, they not only come with a high price tag, but they also don’t clean tight and hard-to-reach spaces, those must be done by hand with a different style of a vacuum cleaner.

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