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Ziptrack Blinds: Why You MUST Consider Buying Them

Are you aware many modern Australian homeowners are installing outdoor blinds to cover their outdoor areas. Not only do blinds shield you from harsh weather elements, but you get to fully utilise your outdoor space all year round, no matter the climate.

A casual search on the internet will reveal many options of outdoor blinds you can pick from. But Ziptrak blinds are our focus of interest today. In this article we explain why when it comes to Ziptrak blinds Melbourne residents are fast drawn to them.

You might just realise that they’re exactly what your home needs too.

Protection from the Elements

You know how hot the weather in Australia can get. Due to these high temperatures, unfortunately your home becomes unbearably hot. And it’s no secret that intense sun rays are detrimental to your health, not to mention the discomfort they can cause.

Rather than running your air conditioner to its max, installing Ziptrak blinds is the solution to the problem.

Ziptrak blinds are designed to regulate the amount of heat—and light—that enter your home. This is largely as a result of the energy efficient material used in their construction.

Plus, you’ll also see a drop in your monthly utility bill. If that’s not reason enough to purchase Ziptrak blinds, we don’t know what is. But here are seven more reasons to convince you.

Extremely Easy to Operate

Ziptrak blinds don’t have cords, strings or ropes. As such, Ziptrak blinds operate mechanically and are therefore incredibly easy to use. This means you’re spared from the frustrating pulling and tugging associated with non-motorised types of blinds.

Simply lower or raise them according to your preference without exerting too much effort. With most Ziptrak blinds you can do this at the simple click of a button because they’re remote operated.

This means that you can easily operate them while comfortably sitting on your couch and sipping on your coffee.

Other types of Ziptrak blinds can be operated by solar power. Not only does this allow for even more convenience and hassle free operation, but you also limit your power consumption.

They’re Lockable

You know how hectic extreme windy conditions can get. The last thing you need is for wind to knock down your blinds.

If you live in extremely windy conditions, consider investing in Ziptrack blinds that feature a locking mechanism. By locking them, your blinds are kept securely in place regardless of weather conditions.

Aside from aiding stability, you’ll appreciate how the patented design of Ziptrack blinds keeps them from rattling in windy conditions.


It’s easy to assume that you have to break the bank to install blinds on your property. We’re happy to inform you that this couldn’t be farther from the truth. On the contrary, Ziptrak blinds are pretty affordable.

Do you want to install them in a large area? You can even get Ziptak blinds that are up to six meters wide and three meters high for a reasonable price, making them a cost-effective option.

Just make sure you compare quotes from various manufacturers before making your pick.

Different Colour, Designs and Style

Ziptrak blinds manufacturers understand that different customers have different tastes. That’s why products are available in different colour options, designs and styles so you can pick & choose according to your liking. That way you can pick a colour that’ll coordinate and blend with the furnishings in your outdoor space.

You also have the option to pick between different types of fabric and frameworks depending on your preference. Do you want tinted, mesh or clear blinds? Do you want blinds made with PVC, metal or wood? The material you pick influences how they’ll look and how long they’ll last. Metal Ziptrak blinds will naturally last longer than wooden blinds. But wooden blinds look more stylish than their metal counterparts.

It all boils down to what your preferences and priorities are. Will you sacrifice aesthetics over durability? You decide.

Extremely Versatile

Sometimes you don’t want to open your blinds all the way up. Because of their versatility, you can adjust Ziptrak blinds according to your desired height and position.

Do you want to keep the wind out but still enjoy a generous view from your patio? Ziptrak blinds can help you achieve just that.

Keep Prying Eyes Out

If you have nosy neighbours, you might want to consider buying Ziptrak blinds. Installing these blinds on your favourite outdoor spot can ensure that you enjoy your moment of solitude away from prying eyes.

Effective Sound Insulation

Is your house located next to a busy road? Do you have a new born baby? Do you have aging parents staying with you? If you answered yes to any of these questions you know all too well how annoying the outdoor sounds such as hooting cars can be.

Good news: Ziptrak blinds are constructed using effective sound insulation material to effectively keep noise out.

Final Words

If you don’t already own Ziptrak blinds, it’s pretty clear that you’re missing out on a vital product that offers substantial benefits.

Have you decided to buy yourself some Ziptrak blinds? Make sure that you purchase them from reputable dealers and opt for high quality blinds to avoid disappointment.

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