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10 Inspiring Ways to Make Your Garden Unique

You don’t want your yard to look like everyone else’s in the neighborhood; you want it to stand out from the rest so that when you have visitors over, they’ll be wowed by the work you’ve put in. But many homeowners may not know what to do with their gardens to make them unique. Here are ten of the best ways to make your garden unique. 

1. Your Choice of Flowers

There are the basics that most people go with: tulips, daffodils, et cetera. But you can really make your garden stand out by going with plants that are already native to your area. Consider looking at a way to buy native plants online today. 

2. Overhead Architecture

Add pergolas and arbors to your garden to give your climbing plants somewhere to go and to draw the eyes upwards. You can even add string lights to make it more romantic after the sun goes down. 

3. The Soothing Sound Of Water

The sound of a splashing fountain is actually quite pleasant and does wonders for drawing birds to your garden. Give yourself a peaceful spot to lie back and enjoy a good book beside a trickling fountain.

4. Having a Shade Garden

There are some spots in your yard that may have more shade than others, which can diminish plant growth. But there are some plants that actually do well in low light, so there’s no reason to start adding them to your garden to spruce it up a bit.

3. Adding An Herb Garden

If you want to cut down on your grocery bills, you can do that by growing your own herbs at home in your garden. Chive, thyme, rosemary, you name it. They can actually grow quite well on their own with very little care, and they taste even fresher than the stuff you get at the store. 

6. Growing Vertical Wall Gardens

If you have a small garden but still want to have some splash of color, consider adding a vertical garden to one side of your house. You can have even more plants without them taking up even more space in your garden and having them crowd each other. 

7. Add A Curvy Path

To keep the eyes moving around in your garden, forget the straight lines. Construct a nice winding path from the front of your yard to the back with some flagstones. It not only looks more natural, but it also looks more inviting. 

8. Having a Pond

A pond with a bubbler in it is a bit more labor-intensive than just a fountain but can add a world of wonder to any home. Add koi fish or let the native frogs move in to make your pond their new home. 

9. Tall Hedges Ensure Privacy

And they’re much better than having a picket fence. They keep your garden cooler too and provide a safe house for birds. 

10. Knot Gardens Are Cool

Have low hedges? You can grow them in interesting patterns that draw the eye and add unique shapes to your garden. 

Make your garden stick out from the rest with these interesting ideas. You’ll have a hard time picking just one.

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