Monday, May 10, 2021

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How to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality?

When you think of pollution and poor air quality few things that pop-up in your mind are industrial smoke, dust, and harmful gases. But have you ever given a thought to your indoor air quality?

Here is the truth, the indoor air quality can be as bad as it is outside. Yes, you read it right; the indoor air quality can be as bad as a matter of fact, it can be worse. Most people spend their average lifetime in their house, so if the air quality indoor is not good, you can get sick, and it can cut short your life expectancy.

Hey, don’t panic; there are different things that you can do to improve the indoor quality. In this article, we’ll talk about how you can improve your indoor air quality. Here are a few things that you do to improve indoor air quality:

Examine your Air Ducts

Air ducts have a simple function that is to circulate the hot and cold air in your entire house. If the ducts are not installed properly, they can become the source of contaminating your indoor air quality. To improve the air quality of your house, you should examine the air ducts of your house. Make sure that they are appropriately installed because proper installation of air ducts will enhance the air quality of your house.

Replace your Air Conditioner Filters

Air conditioners system work to give your house the perfect temperature during both summers and winters. AC systems recycle the same air, and they filter out different air pollutants, the filters fill up with contaminants, and at some point, they stop working. It is recommended that you should replace the air conditioner filters. Replacing the filter will not only help you improve the indoor quality, but it will enhance the life of your air conditioning system.

Use Cooking Vents

The gas stove in your kitchen is responsible for producing different pollutants that can contaminate the air quality of your house.

These contaminants include nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide. So, it is recommended that you should install cooking vents if you do not have any. If you’ve cooking vent installed, use them while cooking.

Buy Indoor Plants

Plants are the natural air filters; they inhale pollutants like carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen, which is necessary for humans. Buy indoor plants and keep them in your house. These plants will help you improve the indoor air quality.

Make Sure that your Rugs & Carpets are Clean

Rugs and carpets not only add to the beauty of your house, but they work as an air filter. As time passes, these rugs and carpets fill out with dust and pollutants. To improve the air quality of your house, it is recommended that you should clean your rug and carpets once a week because these are silent filters which can help you in improving the air quality.

The Bottom Line!

Indoor air quality is vital because you spend most of your life in your house. If the air quality is poor, you’ll develop different diseases like asthma with time. It will also decrease your life expectancy. So, to improve the air quality, you should follow the steps mentioned above.

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