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Effective Sleeping Therapy to Deal with Your Sleeping Disorder

Sleeping disorders are not as uncommon as one might like to believe. These disorders can affect just about anyone and for a variety of reasons too from elevating stress levels to injuries and disabilities. However, having a sleeping disorder is not simple and needs to be treated immediately. Sleeping disorders can lead to people becoming weak and losing their immunological powers and can get psychological problems also. Using effective sleeping therapy can help in reducing sleeping disorders in people and help them fulfill a healthier life. In this article, you will learn about such innovative sleep therapy.

Deep Pressures Touch Stimulations

DTPS or the Deep Pressures Touch Stimulations is a specific type of sleeping therapy which has got a number of benefits that are not only psychological but also physical. By applying a little pressure on your body during the night and during moments when you feel stressed can make you feel calm and help you easily fall asleep. Such a type of therapy will also be a good addition to the other medicines that you are taking to improve your sleep.

Customized weighted blankets are used by people to start the DPTS process. It will help you in feeling secure and relaxed. These weighted blankets can create the feeling of being safe in an individual. A lot of people feel that the experience can be compared with the feeling that one gets when given a tight hug. The DPTS also acts as a form of massage and can help in reducing the stiffness of the muscles and the joints and will soothe any pain in your body. Not only adults but children also can have benefited from using weighted blankets.

How will this therapy help you in feeling relaxed and at ease?

The DPTS system allows the body to shift from being in an alert and busy mode to the mode of the resting and relaxing by helping in the secretion of serotonin. The application of pressure on the body will allow the releasing of this hormone. This system is also useful for kids who have issues with the procession of senses and children who suffer from autism. A weighted blanket will be of immense help to these people and help in the peaceful relaxation of their body.

People who suffer from sleepless nights are suffering from acute stress, and this therapy can help them also. Weighted blankets will increase the production of serotonin, and the serotonin will be turning into melatonin later on, and this is the main sleep-inducing hormone of the human body. You can find a range of affordable calming blankets weighted blankets on the internet with attractive designs also.


Sleeping disorders are not good because they can seriously affect the healthy well being of a human being. In order to reduce anxiety in an individual and help in promoting good sleep in him, it is important to use a weighted blanket which will be good for his health.

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