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20s Halloween Costumes – Ideas for the Best Outcome

Halloween is once-in-a-year opportunity to express your preferred fashion style. While many would go the regular way such as scary, animal and witch costumes, you can go the simple and unique way by copying decade fashions. 20s clothing style will make a great simple, unique and cute 20s Halloween costumesWell, this post is dedicated to the Halloween Costume for women, if you are a man and come here looking for the costume than you can visit you will find out some unique and amazing Halloween costume for men here.

First, Understand what the 1920s Represent in Terms of Dressing

The decade in question was a time of loose dressing, especially among the female folks. This was an era when women felt bored with the regular and what the society will call appropriate dressing for women. So, they decided to rebel and dress contrary to the expectations of the society.

For instance, a lot of women in the 20s wore dropped waistlines and dresses that plunged at the back and waistline. Generally, the fashion trend was far from modesty. Well, you can add your own touch to the 20s fashion to suit your personality.

Next, Complement Your Dress with the Right Accessories

You need the right accessories that go with 20s Halloween costumes. Top in the list of these accessories include stockings, different types and styles of hats, long hand gloves, raccoon coats, knit sweaters, and fashion items that feature fringes and feathers.

Check Out Popular Figures from the 20s

In this case, musical icons, authors, and movie characters would make a great source of inspiration on how to dress like a flapper. As you explore these famous people from the 1920s, pay closer attention to the details of their dresses and fashion in general, including their makeup, hairdo, footwear and accessories.

Head to Online Costume Store

There’s no easier and quicker way to assemble 20s outfits for Halloween than visiting an online costume store. This is where you will find wide varieties of 20s dresses and other decades’ clothing items and accessories.

It is time consuming to embark on a DIY 20s Halloween costumes. While some people deem it a cheaper option, you may end up spending more. Besides, in the case of last minute preparation, you are better off going online and purchasing your 20s dresses for Halloween.

Consider a Modern Version of a 20s Fashion

If you don’t want to look excessively 20s, you should get creative and add a modern touch to your 1920s costume. Again, this is where online costume store comes handy and helpful. You can easily find modern versions of decade clothing items in an online costume store.