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Luvme Hair- Exploring Why U-Part Wigs Are A Hot Commodity

Excessive heat styling can damage your hair in the long run, which is why women gravitate towards wigs as a protective hair accessory. Full-coverage wigs protect your natural hair from environmental stressors and help reduce the usage of chemical hair products. A U part wig is a newer addition to the family that works as a protective hair accessory but still allows your natural hair to shine through.

More women are choosing U part wigs over their counterparts because it looks very natural. It allows you to stay true to the wig trend without fully covering your strands.

U part wig human hair is perfect for experimenting with different cuts, styles, lengths, textures, or anything you fancy. The best part? You can enjoy a natural appearance without the fear of a wiggy look. No wonder celebrities and hair gurus around the world can’t get enough of this hair trend.

If you are wondering how to get your hands on a U part hair wig, Luvme hair’s online store is one place you should definitely visit. Luvme carries a wide variety of high-quality wigs that can take you from drab to fab within minutes. With so many different styles to choose from, you can never run out of options.

Now, let’s find out why U part wigs are a hot commodity this year.

Why U Part Wig is a Good Choice for You

In a U part wig, a portion of your natural hair is left out, which adds to its natural-looking finish. Since your real hair also shines through, this wig style offers more versatility in terms of sectioning and styling your hair however you want. You also have the freedom to wear the edges any way you please.

Usually, full-coverage options like lace front wigs require you to keep your hair in cornrows which can eventually take a toll on your tresses. U part wigs offer a much-needed respite from the usual weaves and are ideal for someone who wants to take a break and try something different.

U part wigs are also an excellent choice for anyone who wants to add some length to their natural hair without sporting a full-coverage wig.

How to Install a U Part Wig?

Do you want to ace the U Part wig trend? Here is a step-by-step guide to take you through the process.

Step 1- Measure your Head

First things first. Set the wig over your head to check how much hair needs to be parted for a natural-looking finish.

Step 2- Part your Hair

Section your hair at the crown using a rattail comb so that it looks similar to the U shape of the wig. You will need to create another section that runs from your hairline to your ear. Secure the hair you have sectioned with a clip. You can release it later to style your final look.

Step 3- Flatten the Remaining Hair

Once you’ve clipped away the front section of your hair, it’s time to prepare the foundation for wig placement. Flatten your hair as much as you can and create an even base. You can make small twists or Dutch braids from top to end to achieve a solid foundation. If you have short hair, simply apply some hair gel to fix your hair in place.

Step 4- Install the Wig

Finally, install the U part wig by placing it on top of your head and snap the clips so they cover your twists. A good quality wig should have clips along the perimeter of the wig for a perfect fit.

Step 5- Set your Wig

U part wigs usually have an adjustable strap and clips that help you adjust the wig for the most natural fit.

Step 6- Cover the Hair Extensions

Now you can cover your hair extensions by releasing the hair you had sectioned away earlier around the sides and the crown of your head. Run through a wide-toothed comb in your hair to blend the extensions seamlessly for a natural look.

Find your U Part Wig at Luvme Hair

We all love a natural finish, but the extensions can look fake and ruin your entire look if you don’t use high-quality wigs. Instead of compromising on quality, choose Luvme Hair’s U part wigs that offer the best value for money.

There are numerous styles and lengths that you can try with Luvme. Apart from U part wigs, their collection of closure lace wigs and bob wig with bangs are definitely worth trying. Visit their online store today and find a wig that matches your personal style. If you’re unsure about the selection, their online consultants are only a message away.

Choose quality; choose Luvme Hair because you deserve a ‘good hair day’ every day.