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What Should You Know About Moving from the City to the Suburbs?

The idea of moving from a city to the suburbs is one that’s frequently discussed and even covered in movies and television shows, but what about real life?

More Millennials are at a point in their lives where they’re moving out of cities and to the suburbs, but there are a lot of lifestyle changes that can come with such a move.

Even the things you might not initially think about have to be considered. For example, if you live in a city, you might not have a car or even have your driver’s license, so you’ll have to prepare to get it if you’re going to be moving to a suburban area.

There are both pros and cons to life in the city and the suburbs to be aware of.

For example, in the city, you have access to amazing nightlife and restaurants, walkability, and cultural venues. In the suburbs, you’ll likely find more space and more affordability.

The following are some specific things to think about if you’re weighing a move from the city to the suburbs.


One of the main reasons people move to the suburbs is because of the housing. In a city, you’re going to have a lot less space, rarely a yard, and it’s going to be more expensive.

If you’re considering having a family or you already have one, in almost all cases, the suburbs will give you more bang for your buck.

At the same time, with that comes a set of new responsibilities you didn’t have to deal with in the city such as maintenance and upkeep.

A lot more of your time will go toward home projects than it did in the city, so it’s something to prepare yourself for and make sure you’re okay with.

As is often the case with moving to the city, when you’re planning or even contemplating a move to the suburbs, think about neighborhood or community first and foremost. That’s going to allow you to pinpoint the amenities, schools, and other features that are most important to you, and then you can go from there.


Some people who are moving to the suburbs may have actually gotten a job there. In a lot of smaller cities across the country, there are increasing job opportunities even outside of what you might find in a major city.

However, commuting may still be an issue.

You have to consider how long your commute will be and how this will impact your quality of life.

You will likely have to buy a car if you live in the city and don’t have one, and the initial cost of that, as well as the maintenance costs, are also relevant.


If you have kids, schools are something that you’ll look at as you decide for or against a suburban move.

For the most part and in the general sense, suburbs do offer better public schools than big cities. That doesn’t always hold true in every area, though, so you’ll have to do some independent research and think about the school factors that are most important to your family.

For example, if you want an education for your kids that’s heavily focused on the arts, you might not find that as readily in the suburbs as you would in the city.


While the suburbs can offer a lot, especially to families, they aren’t without downsides. The lack of amenities is one of the big ones. Plus, to access anything include drug stores, grocery stores, or takeout food, it can require quite a bit of effort.

You’re going to have to drive to get nearly anywhere unless you’re lucky enough to find a walkable community.

You’re probably also not going to find a lot of the specialized offerings, whether it be certain stores, restaurants, or other facilities in the suburbs that you can find in the city.

You may find challenges with entertainment options in the suburbs, and it can be tougher to build and maintain a social life because people tend to be more spread out.

Entertainment in the suburbs might involve more community gatherings or outdoor activities as opposed to cultural events or nightlife.

No one can tell you whether moving the suburbs is right or wrong for you or your family, but you should be knowledgeable about both options to make comparisons that will fit your needs.