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Reorganize Every Single Room in Your Apartment [6 How Tos]

Have you ever looked around your apartment and thought that there was no way that you could declutter your mess?

Did you chalk it up to lack of space and believe acceptance was your only logical choice?

Well, you do have a choice. You can make your apartment neater and more organized. You just need a system.

This room by room reorganizing plan will help you to get your apartment back — for good.

Wrangle the Living Room

Living Room

It’s named as such because you do most of your living in it. The last thing you want is a cluttered space to live in. Keeping your living room orderly is an essential part of keeping your apartment organized.

The first step is to arrange your furniture for good traffic flow. Don’t let your furniture put a damper on the organization of your living room. Place everything in an arrangement that allows for movement to go in and out easier.

Next, you want to gather like items together. You don’t want DVDs in three different parts of the room. Bring them together so that you can easily find the one you are looking for.

Lastly, you want to store your items smartly. There are several different ways to take advantage of the forgotten storage space in the living room.

Many different pieces of furniture have storage built-in. Consider investing in an ottoman with a removable top or a console with drawers.

You can also store things under furniture. Couches notoriously eat much of the things you’ve lost. Instead, make it store your items by placing bins or baskets under the sofa.

Cord organization is an essential part of electronic organization. To keep this to a minimum, go cordless as much as possible.

For those that you can’t unwire, use flexible tubing to keep cords under wraps. Alternatively, you can use twisters or zip ties to keep them together and less likely to get tangled.

Polish the Dining Room

The biggest obstacle to keeping your dining room organized is to clear the table of clutter. The flat surface can be a convenient place to put things but do your best to resist this urge.

One of the best pieces of furniture to have in the dining room is a small china cabinet with drawers. You can keep papers in one drawer and special occasion linens in another.

It also gives you a place to keep napkins, salt and pepper, and toothpicks. Of course, you can store rarely used fancy dishes and even liquor in the bottom cabinet or on top to keep out of reach of little hands.

Streamline the Kitchen


To keep your kitchen a place of efficient cooking, hang what you can. This frees up your counters for extra workspace. It also helps to keep the drawers less cluttered and makes it easier to find the tool you are looking for.

Sink organization is often a problem for many. To combat stinky dirty sinks, install a corner shelf for sponges and soap and over the sink shelving to hang dishes to dry.

Try reorganizing drawers by using wooden sections or drop in plastic organizers. You can make your own drawer organizers easily by following this tutorial.

There’s always a lot of food in the kitchen, and keeping it in order can be a challenge if you don’t have enough storage space.

Cleaning and purging freezer burned, or rotten foods from the freezer and fridge is always a wise first step. Second, do the same for foods that are past their best by date in the pantry.

Next, consider buying your own makeshift pantry if you don’t have enough space for your foods. Walk-in pantries are fantastic but not very likely to be in an apartment.

Repurpose sturdy bookshelves and armoires to hold canned foods and dry goods.

Make the Bathroom Functional

Since most bathrooms are small, you need to get creative with your organization to maximize your space control.

Slim rolling storage with wire baskets that can fit into smaller spaces is handy in the bathroom.

Using a shower caddy to hold shampoo and soap helps keep the sides of the tub clutter-free.

You should throw away any expired or old medicines, makeup, and toiletries.

Keep dirty clothes off the floor with a hamper stored inconspicuously behind the door.

Breathe Easier in the Bedroom


Underbed storage is an often underutilized area in the bedroom. There are so many possibilities, and such a big space can fit so much. Think about having your off-season clothes or extra linens out of sight and out of mind until you need them.

Investing in a functional closet storage system is definitely worth the money. You can have a place for everything, including bags and accessories and all those shoes.

You can even streamline the way you organize your dresser. It’s best to fold clothes and store them vertically to fit more and make it easier to find your clothes.

Organizers for the top of the dresser include a tiered tray for toiletries and boxes for jewelry.

Organize your nightstand to work as a charging station for all your devices and have plenty of space for books, tissue, etc.

Corner shelves in the bedroom are one of the most convenient ways to add extra storage without taking up open space.

Ease Up The Entryway

The in and out traffic of the entryway gets quickly overrun with a mess if you aren’t careful.

Prevent this by adding a cabinet near the entry for storage. You can place a bowl or hooks to keep your keys and other daily used items.

The inside door of this cabinet can have a dry erase weekly organizer to help inform everyone of the upcoming events.

Wall hooks near the door will keep jackets and bags off the floor. Grab a storage bench for shoes and misc outdoor items, like sporting goods and umbrellas.


Now that you have your apartment organized, you will want to keep it that way.

Instead of letting life take its chaotic course once more, dedicate a day each week to do a quick reorganization. Then one full day each month to deep organizing.

This way, you’ll maintain a clean and organized apartment all year long!

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