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The Ultimate Guide To Protect Your Garage From Thieves

You don’t buy valuable things with your hard-earned money so that thieves come and steal it. Then why don’t you make your garage as protected as the rest of your house is? Most homeowners don’t make their garage secure enough. Garage doors are especially the weakest link in your garage security.

Home breakers are everywhere. And unfortunately, garages are their prime targets because they know most people are more worried about the jewelry or other valuable things that they have than the things they have in their garage. If you think in the same way, it’s high time you make your garage secure. Follow the easy steps mentioned below to keep thieves away.

Shed Some Light

You may have noticed that in most cases, the burglars attack at night. This is because the darkness at night makes it easier for them to hide. A house with poor lighting is always their favorite. Because there is a lot of shadow and darkness, they can easily break-in without being noticed. So exterior lightings are a must. Installing lights will surely make the thieves think twice.

The best option is to get motion-activated floodlights. These lights get activated when there is a movement nearby. They are usually very sensitive and get activated by the slightest motion. These are generally inexpensive compared to the other options available. Moreover, because they are not lit all the time, they are economical as well. Make sure to install lights on all the windows and doors.

Keep The Area Clear

In some cases, the thieves can strike even in broad daylight. In these cases, what helps them is hiding spots. Big trees, bushes, and other things can help the thief hide in front of your house.

To avoid providing them a place to hide, you’ll need to remove the bushes in front of your house. If there is a tree that obstructs the view to your garage door, that needs to be removed too. However, if you have to cut a tree, make sure to plant a few as well.

Keep The Garage Door Closed

This may sound very obvious, but if you don’t keep your garage door fully locked, you can’t expect to keep things safe in there. Many people forget to lock or even close their garage doors. This is an open invitation to the thieves. A homeowner’s association once made a rule that all homeowners need to keep their garage doors closed, and the robberies in that area reduced by fifty percent.

Another reason for home break-ins is faulty garage doors. The garage door getting stuck or not locking is a very common issue. Roller garage doors tend to get stuck, and sometimes they don’t lock properly. If you notice anything unusual, get that fixed as soon as possible. You can find many roller door repairs reading if you search online.

Cover the Windows

The burglars don’t target a garage randomly. Generally, they take some time to check out the area. They peak through the windows to find a garage that has something valuable. So, make sure not to keep something precious in there, just in case anything happens. Then, you need to take care of your windows as well to stop them from “window Shopping”.

If the burglaries can see valuable stuff, they would get motivated to break-in. The best thing to do is to cover your windows. There are two ways you can do this. The first option is to use curtains or blinds to cover your windows from the inside. But if you are looking for a permanent solution, you can install frosted glass or apply frost spray to the existing glasses.

Secure Your Emergency Door Release

All of us who use automatic garage doors are familiar with the emergency release lever. It is basically a lever attached to the inner side of your garage door that lets you open your garage door manually during power cuts. Though it is there to help you out in a tough situation, this can act as a key for the trespassers to enter your house.

Thanks to YouTube, now we know how easily burglars get hold of the emergency release wire and use it to open the door. There are two options to prevent this situation. One is to cut the wire which is not very practical because you may need it later.

The second option is very easy and budget-friendly which is using a zip tie. You’ll need to secure the wire or lever using a zip tie. This way the burglars can never use it to open the door, but you still have the option to cut the zip tie when you need it. This not only saves your valuables inside, but it also prevents potential damage to your garage.

Think Like a Burglar

By saying this, we don’t mean to ask you to peek into people’s houses, nor do we motivate you to do something that a burglar does. Rather we are asking you to inspect your house like a burglar. When you inspect your house as a homeowner, you might not see the weak links in your security system.

However, when you inspect like a burglar, you can see the gaps. So walk around your garage a few times and think of the areas where you can possibly break-in. Look for vulnerable areas. You should probably do this at night, so you can also tell if your motion lights are working correctly.

To Sum Up

The steps mentioned above will surely boost your security system. After you make these changes to your security system, no thief will attempt to break into your house. But still, you should always be alert as it is a matter of safety.

Don’t ignore anything that may seem unusual to you. If you ever see a stranger roaming around your house in an unusual way, make sure to seek help.