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5 Suggestions to Help You Remember to Take Your Medication

Whether you have just been put on medication, recently had the number of pills you have to take increased, or have always struggled with remembering to take medication, some things can be done to help. While forgetting once or twice is probably not going to do any severe damage to your body, it is vital to remember to take the medication you have been prescribed regularly, at the same time every day. While it may take a bit of a routine change, or some extra will power, remembering to take your medication is by no means an impossible task.

Pill Boxes and Dosing Dispensers

Often it is much easier, especially for those taking multiple medications a day, to have a physical reminder to take their daily doses. The classic pillbox has been around for years now; they are much bigger than the standard pill and often come in bright colors to catch your attention. You can either purchase pillboxes with different compartments for days of the week or times of the day. If you take your medication in liquid form, why not use a Team Tech Medical dosing dispenser to transport easily and apply your medication.

Combining Medication with a Daily Habit

Another great method to help you remember to take your medication is to form an association between taking a pill and something else you do every day. For example, if your medication doesn’t have to be taken with food, you could try leaving your prescription next to your toothbrush. After a few weeks of taking your medication, it will become a habit always to take your pill when you brush your teeth.

Learn more About Your Medication

Taking the time to understand more about your medication can prove to be a really good motivator. It will help you to know why you are taking this medication and why it is important to take regular doses. Reading up on your prescriptions is a very useful practice to motivate you to remember to take your medication and help you learn more about the possible side effects of forgetting a dose or mixing it with other substances such as alcohol.

Add a Reminder to Your Phone

You can either use the predownloaded calendar app on your phone, or a specialized pill reminder application to help you stay alter to taking medication. If you are taking more than one form of medication, a pill reminder app is often the best choice, as they will remind you of the different times to take each medication, and it will send a reminder to renew the prescription.

Talk to Your Doctor

If you have tried the advice above and are still struggling to remember to take all of your medication, then it is best to speak to your doctor about simplifying your doses. Your doctors will try to find you alternatives that have to be taken less frequently to help you stay safe and control your medication.

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