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What are KN95 Masks

The Corona Virus pandemic is still prevalent. As we seek ways to protect ourselves from the virus, questions arise on how we can be more comfortable in the social scene, especially where social distancing is difficult or rather impossible. As far as masks are concerned, there is the issue of comfort, effectiveness, and re- usability. You can wear any comfortable mask, but a good mask will act as an effective filter, is well-fitting, and ensures you breathe properly.

What makes a good mask?

So, what is the right mask for you? A good mask is not just comfortable; it is made from a material that will adequately filter pathogens in the air. The following are the features of a good mask;

  • It should allow you to breathe.
  • It should be well-fitting to apply adequate pressure for sealing purposes
  • It should have filter layers. 3 or more are adequate.
  • Made from pleats or folds which allow air to flow through the mask
  • It should not have gaps on the side that can allow air to leak.
  • Should be made from natural cotton fabric. Synthetic masks are not recommended as they are not 3 dimensional in structure. Cotton masks allow for adequate blocking as compared to synthetics. Polypropylene can be added as a filter as it provides a static charge that repels particles.

There are various effective masks in the market. So why has the KN95 face mask been recommended as an effective face mask?

The KN95 Mask

This mask captures 95% of tiny particles in the air hence the term KN95. The KN95 respirator is the regulatory standard for certified masks in China, and international standards and certifications bodies have also certified it. Most people have been wearing N95 masks, which are worn by medical personnel, but regulators have recommended the KN95 mask due to shortage.

Both the N95 and KN95 have the same filtration standards and are manufactured in sterilized environments. The N95 is highly effective, but upon using it should be disposed of. The KN95, on the other hand, is more comfortable to wear, and in the wake of the pandemic, the KN95 is an economical option since it’s reusable.

Features of The KN95 mask

The KN95 mask has filtration efficiency, maximum sealing, and minimum leakages. These are the qualities that make it highly effective in combating Covid-19. The following are a breakdown of these features:

  • Easy to wear
  • High-level filtration
  • 5-layer protection
  • 3 D foldable design an adjustable nose bridge that enhances comfort and allows for proper sealing
  • Skin-friendly
  • They have less pressure as compared to the N95 masks allowing the wearer to breathe easier
  • A resealable bag
  • Well-sealed packages

A good mask is not enough to protect you from the virus as close contact with both symptomatic and asymptomatic carriers can spread the virus. The recommended measures such as social distancing, washing hands, and avoiding crowded places are necessary and need to be constantly observed; however, in public spaces where social distancing is not possible, the KN95 is highly recommended.