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A Detailed Guide on How to Redecorate & Re-Style Your Home for a More Warm & Inviting Aesthetic

With winter fast approaching and the impending holiday season waiting just around the corner, it is time to turn your attention to making your home considerably more warm, cozy, comfortable, and inviting.

Contrary to popular belief, to achieve this, you certainly don’t have to shell out thousands of dollars to make your relaxing vision of your home become an actuality.

Here, for your reading pleasure, is a detailed guide on how to redecorate and re-style the entirety of your home for a warmer and more inviting aesthetic. 

Your Kitchen

Your kitchen will undoubtedly be one of the most often used rooms in your entire home, and as a result of you spending an inordinate amount of time there, this should be one of the key rooms you start re-designing for a more relaxing and comfortable aesthetic. 

The style and design of the seating within your kitchen is the best indicator of a warm and cozy aesthetic, and the more comfortable and relaxing the seating, the better. Naturally, your kitchen furniture will be prone to getting splashed with cooking oil or getting grubby with children’s sticky fingers fresh from baking, so it is important to strike a balance between comfort and functionality.

Other ways to ensure your kitchen is as aesthetically attractive and inviting as practically possible include investing in good quality open shelving, mood LED lighting over certain areas of the worktop and cabinets, replacing the traditional, solid wood cabinet doors with lighter, airier, and more spacious glass alternatives and a beautiful wolfskin-inspired throw or two over the kitchen chairs. 

Your Bedroom

Your bedroom, frankly, should always be an oasis of calm and designed specifically to encourage relaxation, warm feelings, and a deep, peaceful, and uninterrupted sleep. 

If your bedroom is currently far from the above description, then you should certainly start with this room, and once redesigned, you will be amazed at the difference a warm and relaxing bedroom aesthetic will make. 

Invest in a plethora of various throws and cushions in contrasting textures, although always being sure to keep the general color scheme the same throughout each piece. 

Other ways to make your bedroom a more relaxing and altogether soothing place include upgrading the quality of your mattress, decluttering your bedroom as much as possible, choosing warm and subtle lighting fixtures and fittings, and painting the walls warm shades of pinks, browns, and reds. 

Your Bathroom

Your bathroom serves two main purposes; the first is to relax and unwind in a strong-smelling bubble bath surrounded by candles, and the second is a functional and speedy morning wash and freshen up before work. 

There is a multitude of affordable and relatively simple ways to style your bathroom in such a way that makes it a relaxing, calm, yet also practical space, which include:

  • Decorating with a wholly minimalist and clutter-free approach
  • The addition of natural light through a previously covered or frosted window
  • Adding indoor plants that thrive in moist and warm conditions 
  • Investing in mood-changing LED lighting 

Other ways to make your bathroom the haven of peace and quiet you have always dreamed of include upgrading your bath mats to plusher, thicker, and more luxurious looking alternatives, throwing away all your old towels, and replacing them with a fresh, thick, and incredibly soft set, and replacing your bathroom radiator with a heated towel rail. 

Additionally, a more expensive but incredibly effective way to inject some relaxed glamour and understated luxury into your bathroom is to change the faucets to a faux gold alternative. 

Your Study

Naturally, a crucial element of your study is a functional desk and a specialist chair, the latter being especially important if you spend long hours every day working in your office. 

To combat the rigidity of your desk and associated accessories, by far the best option, which is both aesthetically stunning and extremely cozy and comfortable, is to invest in bean bag chairs, which will afford you a breakout space of sorts where you can relax, stretch out, and have a well-deserved break. 

As in practically any other room in the house, your study would certainly benefit from the addition of large pillar candles, which you can choose to light or moreover use for decorative purposes only. Again, decluttering your home office or study as much as possible will automatically make the room appear significantly more open and inviting. 

There are also a host of benefits to decluttering that are directly related to mental wellbeing, concentration, and productivity, which include a reduction in stress and anxiety levels, a feeling of calm and contentment, and a substantial boost in focus and efficiency. 

Your Living Room

Your living room is perhaps the most used room by yourself, your family members, your children, and even your pets, and as a result, if you are currently restricted in terms of budget and can only afford to redesign one room, the living room would certainly be your best choice. 

There are a wide plethora of ways to make your living room significantly cozier and inviting, which include, but are categorically in no way limited to: 

  • The addition of an electric fire in a traditional, all-black design
  • A ladder-style shelving unit to act as a bookcase
  • Choosing heavy, furry in texture scatter cushions and throws
  • Full-size floor potted plants that sit either side of the main sofa
  • Plush furnishings and lampshades to increase the feeling of warmth in the room
  • Switching out more traditional coffee tables with warm and cozy ottomans (also great for extra storage in the room)
  • Allowing natural light from the windows to filter in throughout the day will both brighten the room, making it appear more inviting and open, as well as warm the room more effectively than if the curtains and drapes remain closed

Your Dining Room

Obviously, your dining room is one of the rooms that will mostly be frequented by guests, and therefore this is another one of the rooms in which you should pay close attention, even to little details that may well go unnoticed in other areas of your home.

Key ways to ensure your dining room is aesthetically pleasing and welcoming, yet still practical and functional, include staining any wooden furniture or fixtures, using warm greens and light blues to brighten the space, as well as the addition of a large piece of wall art or a mural on the feature wall of the room. 

To ensure that your dining room is as cozy and comfortable as possible, carefully choose a plush and particularly large faux fur rug to sit underneath the dining table, the addition of a simple yet incredibly effective window seat (where feasible), designing curtains and drapes in pastel colors or even a sunshine-inspired yellow, and ensure that the overall aesthetic never appears too formal. 

Your Garden

Often when people are redecorating and re-designing their homes, for whatever reason that may be, they seem to forget that the garden is certainly an extension of your personal premises. 

Your garden is one of the easiest areas of your home to turn into a magical and inviting wonderland, and the fantastic news is it is incredibly affordable and relatively easy to do so. Invest in some good quality, warm but plain white, solar-powered garden lights to place into pots, flower borders, and even on the lawn itself. Hang daintier, smaller warm white fairy lights across the perimeter, ideally weaving the lights in and out of the fence panels. 

Outdoor lighting is a fantastic way of instantly creating a warm and inviting aesthetic, and what is more, in the winter months, even though you are unlikely to be spending much time in the backyard, a look through the window or double doors will show you that solar-powered lights, contrary to popular belief, actually charge in minimal sunlight too.

Your Smallest Room

Whatever you may call it – the bathroom, the lavatory, the toilet, or the smallest room – the average person spends approximately just under ten months occupying this room, and as a result, you need to consider how you are going to redecorate in here as well.

Small rooms are in danger of quickly becoming cluttered and far too busy, so to combat this, a fantastic idea is to have a bespoke, or shop-bought as long as it fits, cabinet which is fitted around the cistern of the sink. 

Other ways to make small spaces such as your downstairs toilet still feel inviting and warm include the addition of warm textures like fabric wall arts and macrame onto the wall and changing the lighting fixtures and fittings to be less bathroom-like and more informal. 

Home décor items made from natural materials such as light woods and bamboo always serve to convey a relaxed and almost spiritual atmosphere, as does a long rug in the entrance hall with another on the landing.

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