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The Main Reasons for Hair Loss In Women

Thick, long, and lustrous hair have always been considered a measure of beauty in women. Beautiful hair improve your appearance and personality. But more than that, they give you confidence. However, not all women are blessed with beautiful and healthy hair. Many of us have to struggle daily with hair problems like dandruff, split-ends, etc. As if that wasn’t enough, many women often face hair loss which can lead to thinning hair and sometimes even balding. Experts say that our scalp shedding almost 100 strands a day is pretty normal. However, if you’re losing more hair then it is obviously a sign of scalp or hair damage. But there are some types of damage that cause the hair to fall. But have you ever wondered why hair fall occurs? Here are some of the main causes or reasons for hair fall in women.

Too Much Stress

Stress is often the root cause of many health problems. Hair loss is also one of the effects of taking on too much stress. Stress can raise the androgen levels of the body leading to an imbalance. This imbalance can eventually lead to hair loss. Also, too much stress affects our eating and sleeping habits and hinder proper digestion. Other than that, stress can also trigger other scalp issues like dandruff, breakage, etc. Even the best hair growth shampoo cannot help you reduce hair loss of you’re taking too much stress. Hence, it is better to try and relax as much as possible.

Imbalance in Hormones

Other than stress, another factor that affects hair health is the hormones. Hormonal imbalance is the main cause of many different health and beauty problems. If your hormones are not properly balanced, the effects can be seen on the entire body including your hair. From sudden weight gain to adult acne, hormonal imbalance can cause many problems for the body. Hormones are important for regulating the hair growth cycle. So when there is an imbalance in the hormones due to genetic or medical reasons, it can cause the body to lose hair.

Iron Deficiency / Anemia

Anemia is the medical condition where the body faces a deficiency of iron. Iron is essential in producing the protein that makes up the hair cell. This protein is vital for hair as it makes the hair strong and keeps them protected from damage. A deficiency of iron can lead to less production of hair cell protein which in turn can make your hair weak and brittle. Hair loss is often a problem for women suffering from an iron deficiency. Hence, it is important to eat a protein and iron rich diet to maintain your hair health.

Certain Medical Conditions

While hair loss is often caused by damaged hair, it is not always due to neglecting hair health. In fact, certain medical conditions like pregnancy, hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism, telogen effluvium, etc. can also cause hair loss. Also, taking certain medical treatments like chemotherapy or certain drugs used to treat some illnesses may also lead to hair loss. In such cases, hair can grow back once you finish the treatment or take some measures to avoid hair loss. It is best to discuss the issue with your doctor to determine what to do about it.

Hereditary Hair Loss

More often than not, hair loss is a hereditary problem. Now you may find it difficult to believe that you’re experiencing hair loss because your mom or dad had it too. But, in many cases hair loss is a genetic issue. In such cases, the hair follicles are often sensitive to androgens which causes them to shrink gradually. This means that with every passing hair growth cycle, you may see a gradual reduction in your hair. When you’re genetically predisposed to thinning hair, there’s not much you can do about it.

Age Related Hair Loss

When women enter a certain age, they experience many changes in the body that can affect the health of their hair. Things like pregnancy and menopause are one of the main reasons for women losing hair in a certain age. During menopause, the hormonal changes in your body also affect your hair. It is quite common to undergo hair loss during and after menopause. However, this does not mean your hair is damaged or unhealthy. As we age, our hair also ages and becomes naturally finer. This is a normal part of the aging process and should be taken in stride.

While these are the main reasons why most women lose hair, they’re certainly not an indication of your personal health or hair condition. If you’re experiencing unexplained hair loss, it may be due to one of the above problems. Or it may be some other issue completely. It is always better to consult a doctor or a hair care professional before undergoing a treatment or taking any medication for improving your hair health.