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How to Look More Professional at Work

The look you rock up to work in will often say a lot about you. If you turn up with your hair half blow-dried or in casual attire, you may start to feel as if your work look is blending in with your weekend dress-sense. If you want to update your work look in the new year, and walk into your business feeling a little more confident, then here are a few top tips.

Replace your old glasses

They say that your eyes are the window to the soul, and if that’s true, then your glasses are also a big indicator of your personal style. Refreshing your glasses can have quite a drastic effect on your visual appearance as it’s one of the first features of your appearance that people will notice. Shopping online for stylish brands such as Candies Glasses will help you to get excited about your new look.

Swap out old shoes

If you have a uniform for your work, or you are restricted to a particular dress code, then you may have a particular pair of shoes that are worn to death. Remember that your shoes are also a key feature in your outfit, and so replacing them can add new life to an outfit. Opting for a style that’s a bit more unique, or perhaps even a shade that pops could shake up your work attire.


When we think of tailoring, it conjures up images of expensive suit makers, wherein you might have to part with a small fortune to get a suit that fits you like a glove. This is a great way of adding flair, but it isn’t always necessary. Instead, you might be far better off choosing select pieces, such as a nicely-cut blazer, or a pair of trousers that are cut nicely around the waist.

Don’t stick to the basics

While a nice blouse and some black slacks will see you far, it’s important that you don’t limit yourself to this. Consider alternatives such as knitwear, which can look just as smart as an expensive blouse, but look far more unique. Opting for rich yarns and jumpers that are textured with cable-knit patterns are a great route to go down if you want to emanate some sailor-style chic.

If you hate traditional work wear, then it is possible to be dressy without being cliched. Don’t pick tops with a collar, for instance; instead, choose blouses that have a flattering neckline and draw attention to your waist and shoulders. Opting for a jacket that isn’t a traditional blazer could also be a clever way of adding a unique spin to your outfit.

Statement accessories

If you prefer low-key attire, but still want to add an interesting dimension to what you’re wearing, then consider dressing up your outfit with added extras. Classy chrome or bold earrings will look dressy and also frame your face. Or, if you spend your days lugging around a laptop or documents, then a statement bag could be just as functional as it is fashionable.

Updating your work look can help to inject some life into what is, realistically, sometimes a mundane reality. It’s far better to walk into work with a sense of excitement and spring in your step because you feel confident and bold in your outfit. It’s always possible to conform to business-dress policy while still adding a bit of individuality here and there too.