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Best Board Games for Adults

Adult board games aren’t just a stale pastime where the most exciting thing will be playing Monopoly with your relatives on Christmas. Rather, it involves interesting concepts that’ll have you going back for months. 

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We’ve compiled a list of essential board games for grownups. Read on to find out.

5 Adult Board Games

You’ll find a wide variety of games ranging from grand tactical sagas to dungeon-crawling adventures or casual puzzles. We believe these categories of board games are the finest ever created.

Here are five board games created for adults:

Betrayal at House on the Hill

Betrayal at House on the Hill is one of the most replayable adult board games. When playing the game, you have no idea whether you’ll be the hero or the victim until it’s too late. 

It doesn’t matter if you’ve explored these dusty corridors numerous times; you’ll find that there are things you still haven’t seen. You are basically venturing into the great unknown. 

The board’s layout is a mystery every time you pull out this haunted house game, since players randomly place the room tiles. You can’t tell what’s behind a closed door, and opening one could set off a chain reaction of unexpectedly eerie occurrences. 

Perhaps a ghastly beast lurking in the cellar comes to life and is eager to make a meal of you. Maybe a fellow player on the team wants to kill you so they can have the gift of youth forever. In either case, the goal is to stay alive.


Blockbuster is a go-to if you’re looking for a fast and easy board game for an adult party. You don’t need to worry about the names of movies as the game is more of charades than a test.

The first round involves two contestants racing against the clock to be the first to call out an example from a certain category. If you don’t answer within 15 seconds, you lose. The outcome is appropriately chaotic, and it’s also a lot of fun to see as a spectator.


Pandemic is a board game about stopping a worldwide outbreak of horrible diseases. The game is simple to learn yet challenging to win. 

It’s among the best cooperative board games since winning depends on effective communication, prioritizing threats, and maintaining composure under intense pressure. Nothing we’ve seen so far comes close to matching it.

Pandemic doesn’t only task you with containing outbreaks, but also finding treatments for each disease by amassing cards of a specific hue. At the end of each turn, a new illness is dropped onto the board. The instant there are three of them, they begin spreading to other cities.

Pandemic’s strength lies in the tension created by the decisions you’ll have to make under pressure. It’s just one of the many challenges in what has become the undisputed champion of adult board games. 

There is plenty of room to explore other avenues of study once you’ve learned the basics. You decide to play the Pandemic World of Warcraft spinoff if you prefer a fantasy theme. 

Another option is to increase the difficulty with a number of expansions. Pandemic even has a legacy series where your choices have repercussions in later games. 


Jaipur is a fast-paced game that anyone can pick up and play. Yet its apparent simplicity belies a surprising level of sophistication.

In this game, your goal is to get rich enough to be the maharajah’s personal trader. How you go about doing it is up to you. The game’s open-ended nature and lack of a definitive solution make Jaipur highly replayable.

One of the game’s strengths is its emphasis on adaptability. The more quickly you can sell an item, the more points you’ll receive.

You’ll have to decide between being patient enough to wait for an opening and moving quickly enough to get ahead of your opponent. The tension alone elevates Jaipur to the ranks of the finest card games available.


You may have probably heard of Wingspan. The game is so popular that it went out of print a few years ago. 

As a result, some people tried selling it for three times the regular price. This fact alone is sufficient evidence of its superiority.

From the title, you can tell that birds play a major role in this game. The goal is to get as many different species as possible to visit your preserve. 

Dice are used to obtain food or eggs that attract birds. You’ll also get abilities that can help you gather more resources and birds.

Wingspan is great as a chill-out game. You’ll have a great time (winner or loser) because there isn’t any intense rivalry, and the emphasis is on luring in wildlife.