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Tips for an Energizing Morning Routine

If you keep telling yourself you’re not a morning person, we’ve got some good news for you – you’ll never become one unless you start convincing yourself otherwise. Your mind will be your greatest enemy in achieving what you want if you continue to discourage yourself with the same old thoughts and routines. Therefore, in order to improve your morning routine, become more organized and have a stress-free day in which you’ll manage to do everything on time, you’ll need to work on jumpstarting your morning routine. If this is exactly what you need to make your life perfect, keep reading.

You snooze, you lose

We’ve all been tempted more than a few times to hit the notorious snooze button on our alarms and have those blissful five minutes that we’re so convinced we need. However, if you’ve been doing that for quite a while, it’s no wonder your mornings aren’t as vigorous as you’d like. The moment you hit snooze, you’re in for a disaster because those five minutes end up being 10-20 minutes unless you fall back asleep which is the perfect recipe for a stressful day. That’s precisely why you should break this bad habit and get up the moment you hear your alarm clock ringing. Sit up, stretch out and get up without even thinking about prolonging your stay in bed.

Get everything ready the night before

You probably remember how your mom used to make you pick out the clothes you’ll be wearing to school and get your books ready the night before, and you probably also remember that you hated it. Well, whether you like it or not, she was right to do so because she knew it’ll save you plenty of time in the morning. Try to go back to this good old habit and check the weather forecast the night before so you know what to have ready for the next morning. It’ll save you 10-20 minutes that you can use for having breakfast and showering without rushing.

Kickstart the day with vitamins

A hearty breakfast is essential if you want to feel energized throughout the entire morning and all the way until lunch. That’s why you should start eating better first thing in the morning, by packing your meal with lots of proteins and vitamins. Magnesium is one of the essential vitamins your body needs in order to produce energy, keep our mind sharp and keep us focused through the day. That’s why you should have spinach, legumes, nuts and seeds in abundance. Feel free to supplement your diet with magnesium tablets in order to offer your body the optimal amount of magnesium to help it stay vigorous. Breakfast cereals, almonds, soymilk and peanut butter are just some of the perfect breakfast choices that will fuel your body with magnesium and keep you going through the day.

Take a shower to keep you alert

Instead of pouring litres of coffee down your throat, consider having refreshing showers in the morning. Starting the day clean and fresh will also give you a sense of accomplishment and motivate you to start your day strong and with maximum energy. Alternate between hot and cold water a few times, to prevent feeling too cosy and potentially feel like going back to sleep. A cold shower will work wonders for keeping you awake, but so will an invigorating shower gel with lemon, verbena or lime scents.

Stay away from social media early on

If your phone is next to you all night long and it’s the first thing you reach for when you open your eyes, no wonder your mornings are rushed and hectic. Checking your social media early in the morning will potentially make you stay in bed longer than planned. Spotting your favourite celebrity with a new crush, checking out the latest shopping deals or simply going through a bunch of headlines while in bed will make you forget that you’re actually supposed to be up soon.

Therefore, make sure you stay away from Instagram, Facebook and other social networks until you are all set for a new working day.

Mornings shouldn’t be rushed or stressful, otherwise, your entire day will turn out horrible. Therefore, make sure you’re off to a good start, don’t snooze your alarm, get everything ready in advance, have a hearty breakfast, shower to feel fresh, and stay away from social media to avoid the stress of a morning rush.