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How Can You Open Your Home to an Elderly Parent That Will Need Care?

There comes an age where your parents are not able to take care of themselves and perform daily tasks on their own. This is the time to accommodate them in your own home. This allows you to have peace of mind knowing that your elderly parent is in good hands and has everything they require to stay safe and healthy. However, this may be a new change for you and your family members; therefore, there is the need to make some necessary changes that will help your elderly parent settle in perfectly.

It is also important to ensure that you communicate with your family members on the new changes so that everyone can work towards ensuring that the elderly parent is properly welcomed so that the parent can also feel at home. Safety is the main concern for an elderly parent. You need to update your current living conditions to suit their safety, be it the staircase, slippery floors, to mention but a few. Here are a few ways in which you can prepare your home for an elderly parent.

Meal Preparation

Your elderly parents need to have a balanced diet with each meal. At their age, an elderly parent may find it quite difficult to prepare their own meals, and therefore, it is important to ensure that you stock up on the necessary meals. Preferably, ensure the meals are pre-cooked and easy to access for a case where there is no one around, and they need to eat. For example, buy salads in plenty and seal them in lunch boxes. Also, buy stock some fruits which are very good in boosting the elderly parent’s immunity. A banana before bed will help the elderly parent sleep well through the night.

elderly dame and young brunette having breakfast

Ensure you make available all the necessary healthy foods for your elderly parent and ensure they never miss a meal.

Remodel the Bedroom

You need to make significant changes to the bedroom in which your elderly parent will be laying their head each night in your home. When remodeling, you have to check for safety and ways in which the room can boost its sleep schedule. Remove all the clutter from the bedroom and ensure the room is well-organized. All unnecessary materials should be removed from the room to avoid tripping. Ensure that the room has ample lighting so that an elderly parent can easily find their way within the bedroom. Also, invest in getting a quality mattress, some indoor plants, and paint for the bedroom. All these will help the elderly parent feel at peace and achieve better rest. You can also massage the elder’s joints to help them feel relaxed and also eliminate any discomfort.

Bathroom Safety

Make your bathroom safe to use for your elderly parent. Buy some non-skid slippers which will help them walk with stability on the wet bathroom floor. In addition, add some skid mats, which will prevent any falls. Also, add some stability features such as rails in the toilet to help your elderly parents relieve themselves with ease. If your elderly parent has problems with mobility, make the bathroom accessible for a wheelchair. This will help them feel included and cared for.

Hire a Caregiver

We live in a fast-paced world with busy schedules every now and then. Therefore, hiring a caregiver to assist your elderly parent when you are away is one way to ensure they remain taken care of in your home. A caregiver will ensure the elderly parent eats well and administer any medication if need be. You can also ensure that you train your children to take better care of their grandfather or grandmother when you are away. This will help them build on their morality as well as bond with their grandparent. Also, having friends and family around them helps them feel good and avoid the feeling of loneliness.

General House Changes

You need to make your house as comfortable as possible for your elderly parent. Ensure the entryway is non-slippery and add rails to help them move with ease up the stairs. Also, ensure you place all the items that they require at a level where they can easily reach for them without much struggle.

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