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6 Styles of Women’s Handbags: Bag them All!!

Bags are a woman’s best friend. It goes with her wherever she travels. Everything she needs is found inside it. From her car keys, door keys, makeup essentials, small snacks, water bottle, mobile phone and charger, stationary, emergency medicines and the list goes on — literally, everything she requires is inside there. Just like you don’t ask a woman her age, you don’t ask her what’s inside her bag. It is a top secret!

And inside a handbag, you will find other types of smaller bags – a clutch, a wallet, a coin purse, headphone cases, storage bags and what not. Have you ever tried fishing for something important in your mother’s or sister’s handbag? Did you find what you were looking for? Most likely the answer is a resounding ‘no’, am I right? When buying high-quality designer items, one often finds handcrafted goods of different brands in shoe stores in Perth, where Elle et Lui is an exclusive boutique that stocks a huge array of haute couture, designed and made in Portugal, handbags and shoes. The products sold by them are high in quality and craftsmanship. They are the perfect blend of design and fashion when it comes to selling the trendiest pieces. Before you go ahead, you will love to read Mau-fashion’s Fashion Guide and Reviews.

Different types of bags carried by women:

Bags are a classic style statement. They come in different designs, colours, shapes and varieties. Some of us purchase a bag depending on the number of pockets, the type of hardware and the straps used. The popular demand in the market is for cotton canvas, denim, nylon and leather handbags. Further, leather handbags in Perth are heavily influenced by Italian and Portugal designers. Whatever the occasion, a handbag is your perfect accompaniment and completes your style. Let’s have a look at the types of handbags that are available currently.

  • Tote: They are like shoulder bags, but they can be easily differentiated. Totes have two straps. They are much wider and open easier. Tote bags can be really large enough to accommodate everything. Being roomy, it can hold large books, beach essentials and the works. If you need to stuff a lot of things into it, a tote is your best friend. Totes, however, don’t have organised or dedicated compartments. You stuff everything in and then dig around to locate items. It is the perfect size to carry while shopping. Shop and stuff!
  • Shoulder bag: It is one of the commonly used bags, and comes in a variety of sizes. The straps can be adjusted to the length you require. There will be a number of organised zippers and dedicated pouches inside the main compartment, to segregate contents that are being carried.

  • Sling bag: This bag is small and rectangular shaped, resembling an envelope. It comes in different sizes. The strap is long enough to crossover the body. It can carry only a few contents in comparison to all other bags.
  • Satchel: Satchels work great for office goers. There are small and large sizes. The larger ones can hold laptops, registers and work essentials. Most satchel varieties are made of canvas or leather. It is a very sturdy bag and built for rough use. The front portion of a satchel contains hardware like two buckles.

  • Hobo bag: These are shaped like a half-moon, and is worn over the shoulder, but tend to have shorter handles. They look stylish, are roomy and have a zipper on the top.
  • Shopping bag: As the name suggests, they can carry a lot of items and come in various colours and designs. They are very inexpensive and easy to wash. Usually made out of cotton, canvas or nylon. Some of them may come with a zip, if you get lucky!

  • Clutches: They fit into your palm and hold space for very few essential items like keys, a small mobile. They come with or without straps. Perfect type of bag for occasions like weddings, clubbing and fun activities.

Armed with all this knowledge on bags, you will be able to identify the type of bag you currently own. Did you know that there were so many varieties of bags, and each serving a particular purpose?

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