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Tips on Maintaining the Dapper Look

First impressions are often the last impression. This phrase makes sense when you realize that first impressions are marked by physical appearance. Even though this notion is debatable many recruiters judge candidates based on their overall dressing code. That said, candidates are also judged based on their posture, eye contact, communication, comprehensibility, critical thinking, and overall personality.

Let’s take a quote from ‘In Pursuit of Happiness,’ where Martin Frohm asks Christopher Gardner about his appearance during the recruitment phase.

Martin Frohm: What would you say if a man walked in here with no shirt, and I hired him? What would you say?

Chris Gardner: He must have had on some really nice pants.

It’s easy to get carried away with this quote, but there’s context to consider here. Martin Frohm accepted that answer because the candidate had already proven his worth through the work he had put in. So even though merit and expertise matter, your overall appearance can make a big impact during your recruitment phase.

Presentation is half the sales pitch in the marketing and sales industry. Crimpled shirts convey that you’re having trouble managing your work routine or dealing with certain stress. As an alternative to easily maintaining and managing your laundry problem, you can search laundry delivery NYC. Maintaining a dapper look can bite off a large portion of your budget. 

Read on as we highlight some easy tips on maintaining a dapper look. 

1. Fitting Matters

Your clothes fitting plays a major role in maintaining the dapper look. It’s apparent when you’re wearing clothes that make it hard to breathe. Consider reworking your wardrobe to have clothes according to your body type with a margin of flexibility. Some grooming experts suggest having clothes that vary in size to choose between comfort, daily wear, or a formal dinner.

2. Be Careful With Colors  

The right choice of colors when it comes to clothes is extremely important. Consider wearing colors according to the weather and time. It’s also important to understand when to make style statements and when to opt for comfort. For instance, you wouldn’t want to be clad in a slim-fit suit if you’re on an 18-hour journey or a 6-hour transit in an airport. Just be careful and don’t overdo the situation. 

3. Know Your Cologne  

Regardless of your outfit, your overall presentation can easily crumble with the wrong cologne. The choice of cologne varies in winters and summers, depending on your preference. People who take the time to sort their perfume often make a positive, long-lasting impression.  

4. Plan for The Week

Planning your clothes during the weekend can save you decision-making. Thus, it’s always good to pick daily outfits before your workweek begins. Alternatively, most employees remember Mark Zuckerberg saying that he wears a grey shirt, a hoodie, and jeans to work daily to minimize his decision-making and focus on decisions that improve his community.

5. Using a Mirror

While you work on improving your wardrobe, consider getting a full-scale mirror. At the same time, plan your daily dressing, consider wearing some of your clothes, and reflect on how you’d look to the world. Actors, celebrities, and even political leaders spend a significant time practicing their speech in front of a mirror. They do this to get their look, smile, and expressions aligned with the message they want to be projecting to the world.  

6. Wear Your Personality

You’ve probably noticed that many clothes in the 70s and 80s have come back into fashion trends. Fashion designers explain that most prints reflect current affairs and pop culture. You’ll notice celebrities wearing prints and sending messages regarding certain current affairs. You can add elements to your dress, such as a subtle belt, designer shoes, or cufflinks that resonate with your personality.   

7. Dirty Shoes

Recruiters place a lot of weight on the state of the candidate’s shoes. Torn and rugged shoes often directly correlate with the candidate’s importance on grooming. Furthermore, shoes impact your posture, so it’s important to find the right balance between style, comfort, and practicality. So next time you’re putting your clothes in the wash, consider taking some time to clean and maintain your shoes.  

8. Casual Dressing 

Depending on your job role (whether you’re front-office or back-office), it’s important to dress comfortably and presentably. When it comes to casuals, things can get tricky, as inclining casual clothes can make you look shabby. However, putting on a blazer or a hoodie over your t-shirt easily changes the entire look into smart casuals. You’ll have to find the sweet spot within casual wear to pull off the dapper look. For example, the style of jeans can make a difference to your overall look as loose-fitted jeans don’t give off a neat look with formal shirts, and neither does a loose t-shirt with fitted jeans.


You don’t need too much money to pull off a dapper style, but you’ll have to be careful about buying the right clothing. Furthermore, you’ll have to be comfortable and presentable in your dressing sense while adding elements of your personality. To maintain a dapper look, you’ll need to maintain your appearance, keep your hygiene on point, and consciously become aware of the message you’re giving out.