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Advantages And Disadvantages Of DIY Kitchen Renovation

When it comes to kitchen renovations or a kitchen remodel, homeowners typically have two options: hiring a professional kitchen service company like kitchen remodel Grand Rapids or a DIY project. Each of these choices carries certain advantages as well as disadvantages and the decision primarily depend on the time and labor one is willing to invest on the job and the money one is willing to pay. 

However, there are other factors that one needs to take into account, too, before making a decision. Often, the single-most expensive room to renovate in a house is the kitchen (and it’s all the more so when we’re talking a kitchen remodel or makeover). Renovation work that commonly involves mainly cosmetic improvements (such as adding new lighting fixtures; replacing elements like hardware, sink, faucet; electrical upgrades; installing new cabinetry, countertop or backsplash; painting the walls and cabinets afresh; replacing the tiles and grout; etc.) often costs on the north of $5,000. As for remodeling (that involves knocking down walls, ensuring precise levels and alignment, rearranging the layout, and so on), that is a specialists’ job, and few homeowners will consider a DIY project for a complete kitchen makeover. In our opinion, except for small-scale renovations, all other kitchen remodel jobs are best left to a professional kitchen contractor with a good track record. For people living in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, we recommend SF Kitchens Renovations, an all-purpose kitchen renovation/remodel service with enjoying an excellent reputation among its clients.

So, in this article, we’ll chiefly talk about small-scale kitchen renovation jobs and the pros and cons of going DIY on such projects. The information, we hope, will help you make a more informed decision.

Advantages of a DIY Kitchen Renovation


This obviously is the most telling advantage of (and often the biggest motivation for) going DIY on a kitchen renovation job. Typically, you can save as much as 30-35% of the total renovation cost (the exact amount will depend on the nature and extent of the renovation work) once you complete the job all by yourself. And the money saved in the process can be utilized by investing in higher quality appliances, cabinetry, etc., or by adding a couple of extra upgrade features to your original renovation plan. 

Freedom to go at your own pace

Another distinct advantage of performing a DIY kitchen renovation is that you won’t need to do all the work all at once. For example, you may replace the backsplash this weekend while living the paint job for the next and so on. This is even more important in terms of budgeting your renovation. In a DIY project, you don’t need to worry about having to arrange all the money for renovation upfront. Instead, you can go about your upgrade plans one at a time if you so wish. 

That happy and rewarding feeling

Once you are able to round off a kitchen makeover job satisfactorily and without any professional help, that will always produce an intensely gratifying and rewarding feeling. You’ll feel like it was worth all the trouble, after all. 

No intrusion 

Some people don’t feel too comfortable with strangers around the house and this may become an issue especially when the work is prolonged. Also, if you have pets in the house, they will feel especially discomfited with all those new faces moving in and around the house. In some cases, homeowners may even need to put their pets in a crèche until the job finishes which, of course, means more expenses. 

Potential Mishaps

There have been not a few instances where a kitchen remodeling contractor either failed to finish the job on schedule or exceeded the initially agreed-upon budget, or both. Moreover, instances are not rare either where considerable damage to one’s house has been caused during the renovation process. Any of this can obviously give rise to all sorts of unpleasant scenarios. 

This is why performing a thorough background check is essential whenever you are planning to engage the services of a kitchen remodeling company.  

Disadvantages of a DIY Kitchen Renovation Project


This may sound obvious. However, it’s a fact that even a small-scale kitchen renovation project takes up a lot of time and involves a lot of elbow grease as well. At the beginning, one may feel enthused about the prospect of completing the job all on his own. However, it is not uncommon to lose motivation once you get going with it. And then, if you still go ahead and finish the job in an uninspired manner, the results will be far from satisfactory.

Apart from that, one also need consider whether it’s worth it sacrificing all that precious time (which could otherwise have been well-spent with family and friends). 

Loss of money and potential health hazards

At times, a DIY kitchen renovation project can actually result in higher costs in the future. Common Reasons include lack of adequate knowledge and/or skill as to how to handle certain materials, improper installation and the like. Moreover, a poorly finished job may also compromise the health of the household (such as when a job like asbestos abatement is performed in an improper manner). 

Potential accidents

Normally, one won’t need to tinker with electrical wiring during small-scale renovations. However, some electrical upgrade works may after all require handling electrical wiring. And if you are not experienced enough with electrical work, there is always the risk of accidents like electrocution, fire and more. 

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Kitchen Contractor

Now that we’ve listed the pros and cons of a DIY kitchen renovation, let’s round off with a quick look at the benefits you can enjoy when leaving the job to a professional and experienced kitchen renovation company. To begin with, you are assured of high quality when you’re engaging a professional contractor for the job (and paying for it). Doing it by yourself can of course give rise to a feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment. However, in terms of quality, one can hardly expect to match the levels of the professionals who are engaged solely with this kind of workday in day out. 

Additionally, a professional kitchen service (like SF Kitchen Renovations) often will be able to come up with a better and more effective initial renovation plan than what you can chalk up all by yourself. Since the former are working with all the different types of kitchens on a daily basis, they will know exactly what sort of renovation works will be most effective for your kitchen (as per your requirements and budget). Finally, thanks to their extensive professional networks, a kitchen contractor can also help homeowners avail different materials at much easier prices.