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5 Big Mistakes to Avoid While Cleaning Your Home

We love our home and like to keep it neat and tidy to live a healthy and happy life. However, maintaining the cleanliness and neatness in a home is not an easy task. You have to plan appropriately for a thorough clean up from time to time apart from the daily dusting and cleaning. While doing so, at times, you might make some mistakes. So to help you out in this regard, I have found out the major 5 mistakes that you should avoid while cleaning your home.

The mistakes that you must avoid are:

1.Use the same rug in multiple spots- Using the rugs or carpets can be a great help especially in winters to keep your floor warm. In summers it keeps the floor cool too. If you have carpet or area rugs in your home, don’t use the same rug for multiple spots. If you use the same rug at different spots, it will accumulate more dirt and dust making it useless and it might get torn soon. Use vacuum cleaners and cleaning solutions to clean the rugs.

2.Ignoring ants and mosquitoes- If you are planning to clean your home, you are not supposed to ignore those fierce, tiny ants and life-threatening mosquitoes as they can prove to be very dangerous. They are small but spreads rapidly. Always keep the gutters and drains clean so that the mosquitoes do not accumulate. On the other hand, getting rid of ants is not that easy; use vinegar or use adhesive tapes at the small pores or openings from where the ants are coming. It will stop them from entering. If you don’t want to go through the process of pest control then you can hire a company like, they will make the process easy for you.

3.Left garbage in sink- Leaving the trash just like that is undoubtedly an unhealthy deal. Keep all the trash in a dustbin and take help of garbage collector to get rid of daily garbage. It will keep your home environment healthy and safe. Many of us have the habit of leaving the leftover food or wrappers in the sink which gets wet with the water and starts to rot, spreading foul smell which devastate the environment. Thus, keep your sink clean and pat dry, if you are actually a cleanliness lover.

4.Overfeed your lawn- If you are a nature lover and love to spend time in taking care of luscious grass and plants in your lawn, always make sure that you are feeding them adequately. Just like under dose is unhealthy, an overdose is too. Feeding the grassy lawn too much with fertilizer pretences a difficulty. In the preliminary period, the additional nutrients can make the greenery look denser, thick with a boost in color but at the cost of the health of roots. The roots get weaker and make the plant more defenseless to the unfavorable environment and get easily harmed from famine, high temperature and other things.

5.Cleaning windows on a hot, sunny day- Most of us prefer to use a cleaning solution to clean the windows. But in case the surface of the window is hot, it can dry the solution quickly resulting in a lot of stigmas and patches all around the window. It will make your window look even more dirty than before. In this case, firstly, touch the glass to know whether it’s hot or warm, if it is then avoid cleaning it that day.

These are the five major mistakes that you can avoid to enjoy a happy cleaning and to have a safe, healthy and smiling home environment. After all, at the end of the day, home is everything.