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Why Should you get Married in Spain?

Have you ever thought about getting married abroad? This can be a unique and different experience for both the bride and groom and their guests, and Spain is the perfect country to make it happen. Another country, another culture, another cuisine and a myriad of things that will make your special day unforgettable.

However, many couples are put off by details such as the paperwork required to get married. That’s why companies like The Wedery offer their wedding planning services so that you don’t have to worry about anything, from legal matters to the start of the honeymoon, everything will be covered so that you only have to worry about enjoying your big day.

If you have decided to celebrate your wedding abroad, we want to tell you why Spain is the perfect place to do it.

Wonderful weather

If there is one thing Spain is known for, it is good weather, especially on the Mediterranean coast. The Costa Blanca, the Costa Cálida or the Costa Brava are ideal places for a unique wedding day. Places with all the essence of the Mediterranean and a climate which is envied all over the world.

If you are planning to get married in Spain, a good time to do it is from April to June or from September to October. At that time, temperatures are not as hot as in summer, and you will be able to enjoy a warm day. Weddings in the winter months are not a bad option either, as the pleasant temperatures on the coast all year round allow you to have a wedding without worrying about rain.

Amazing food

Spanish gastronomy is known and highly demanded all over the world. Surely you’ve heard of tapas or “jamón ibérico”, but Mediterranean cuisine is so much more, and you will love it.

By celebrating your wedding in Spain you will be able to enjoy a gastronomy that has been taken care of down to the last detail, with tasty dishes that will make your day even more unforgettable.

Open bar

Spaniards love to party until the early hours of the morning and if they can see the sunrise, all the better. For this reason, weddings in Spain are inconceivable without an open bar.

This is a great reason to celebrate your wedding in Spain and let your guests party until dawn!

Awesome venues

In Spain there are a multitude of venues for weddings, from hotels to country houses and fincas, all of them with a special charm.

If you choose a wedding in Spain on the Costa Blanca or Costa Cálida, you can get married with sea views, the sound of the waves in the background and your feet in the sand. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

There are also beautifully decorated villas with flowers and small lights that will make your day an unforgettable fantasy.

In addition, there are venues to suit all budgets, so you can choose the one that suits you best in terms of taste and cost.

Great entertainment

Your wedding in Spain can also be accompanied by tradition and culture with, for example, flamenco dancing during the celebration dinner. There is also the option of hiring live music to liven up the evening or a band to add a unique touch to your celebration.

If you are looking for something trendier, at weddings in Spain it is very common to hire a DJ to be present during the whole party. You won’t be able to stop dancing to the rhythm of Latin music.

Let your special day become an unforgettable day by celebrating your wedding in Spain – you won’t regret it!