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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 – First Impressions

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is out for sale to the Note fans. Like other phones in the series, Note 20 is a fast speed device equipped with professional-grade features, including but not limited to a high-end camera. The Note also comes with a giant 6.9-inch screen, which is curved in an unnoticeable way. You will definitely enjoy playing at Vulkan Vegas and other popular casinos on this large screen. What if you are not a player? Samsung Note 20’s goodness is not limited to any category of people, and there is something for each one.

Note 20 has a boxy body that distinguishes it from phones in other popular series. In 2020, Samsung has added 0.1 of an inch to the Note they had released in 2019. Besides the increase in screen size, the new Galaxy comes with a better camera, and you can tell from the looks. Note 20’s camera does not align with the rest of the body but protrudes as if to prove its capability. And honestly, you will understand its statement on the first few snapshots.

Unlike some other Samsung phones released previously, Note 20 packs the buttons on the traditional right-hand side. This works better for most people. In turn, The S pen has had to move to the left side – we don’t know if people use the pen for anything else except drawing. Either way, there is good news for the pen users since it has been upgraded, eliminating the working lag that was previously noticeable.

The S pen accompanying Samsung Note 20 has a record response time of 9 milliseconds, four times faster than could be achieved previously. Drawing on the screen with the new S pen takes you back to the pen and paper memories because it feels so real. While some people would have expected Samsung to re-introduce the headphone Jack, it is still not there, which is a surprise to many.

The real deal for this phone is the whopping 108 MP camera housed on the back of the phone. we’d say that capacity is enough to allow it to protrude from the back of the device, as we have previously mentioned. As if that is not enough, the camera is reinforced with a 12 MP zoom lens and a 12 MP lens to capture a wide field of view.

The zooming lens can bring the images 50 times closer to you, making them look real and capturing the slightest details. Even this is not the best camera, it is a good combination for the 6.9-inch screen and the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor running the beast. Furthermore, Samsung does not leave you to struggle to find storage devices for your high-quality images. This is because the device comes with 128 GB of storage and 12 GB of RAM.

Even with good features, Samsung may disappoint users with the 4, 500mAh battery and the onscreen fingerprint scanner that is still slower than that used by some competing phones. Except for this, the device should a perfect choice.