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How to Pick Furniture for Your Patio

Be it basking in the sun on winter mornings, watching the sun rise or set in the summers or just having a fun evening with family or friends, your patio is the perfect place for all of these activities. Along with this, your patio adds to the beauty of your house and sets the stage for fun and relaxation. This is why, selecting the right furniture for your patio that is comfortable and goes well with your house and decor becomes crucial. Different types of seating, a table, a flower shelf, and other stuff like this make up the whole aesthetic of your patio.  If you are on this article, there is a good chance that you have already gone through the plethora of options available out there, given the number of types, styles, sizes, etc. available in the market. The selection process can be confusing and tiresome, so we have curated a list to help you out. Here are 6 factors and tips other than your budget that you need to keep in mind when looking for patio furniture for your house, so that you pick just the right pieces.

  • Prepare a list
    The very first thing you should do is prepare a list of the things you need by figuring out what exactly you want your patio furniture to work as – a dining area, a party space, a cozy outdoor space, or what. This is important because the number and type of furniture you would need and its arrangement would depend on the purpose it is supposed to serve. If you want a small reading space, you probably would not need a dining table or any big table for that matter. Instead, a small coffee table or a decorative center table would work just perfectly. Depending on this decision you can move on to figuring out what things you want in your patio. This can include seating, tables, maybe a flower shelf, a decorative rack, or more, depending on the space, your style and your decor preferences.
  • Consider the weather in your area
    As your patio furniture will spend most of its time outside, it is crucial that you consider the weather and other environmental conditions before making a purchasing decision. For example, if your area has high moisture content in the air, it would be best to not go for metal furniture, and choose coated wood, marble, ceramic or bamboo instead, in order to increase the furniture’s life span – metal would be more prone to rust and become weak in such conditions as compared to other materials. In addition to this, if your area often sees windy evenings and nights, you would want your chairs, racks, tables and flower shelf to be heavy and sturdy enough to withstand the wind. Keep in mind that the weather might be great when you decide to furnish your patio, but you have to consider all the seasons arriving in the future and make an appropriate decision about the material and build of your furniture based on that.
  • Consider the space
    This is one of the most important steps in this process. You need to keep in mind the amount of space your patio has to offer. If your outdoor space is relatively small, you would not want to make it crumpled and congested by filling in large or too many furniture pieces. On the other hand, if you have a lot of space to offer, you can go for any size and number of furniture pieces you would like. Plus, your personal preferences on arrangement and space would affect this decision as well – whether you want a more open and spacious patio, or a comfortable cozy one.
  • Design
    One of the most important factors to be kept in mind is the design of your furniture. The colors, build and intricacies of all your pieces – the seating, the cushions, the table, the flower shelf, the plant pots, the decorative rack, the decorative pieces, and other things should all go together to give your patio a nice look. Do not go out there mixing a modern designed chair with a vintage flower shelf. This does not necessarily mean that the colors and patterns on all your pieces should match perfectly, but all of them should go well and be in good contrast with each other. If this gets too confusing, you can try keeping the colors of your house and patio in mind, and move forward with picking out items that go along with anything and everything, creating a nice well matched group of furniture pieces.
  • Maintenance
    Before making a purchasing decision, you should also consider the amount of effort you are ready to put in maintaining and taking care of your furniture. Different materials and structures require different care and attention. Taking care of your furniture can involve regular cleaning, scrubbing, oiling, etc. and some pieces might require more intensive care than the others.
  • Flexibility
    It is always best to look for furniture that can be used for multiple purposes, go with multiple backgrounds, and add storage options, so that you do not end up worrying about keeping them inside and moving them every now and then. You can try looking for wooden furniture or other variants that can go with different colors, patterns, styles and themes. In addition to this, when looking for shelves or racks, try to find one that can bear a good amount of weight, and looks good enough to go with pretty much anything you place on it – plants, books, showpieces, pictures, or something else.

All of these factors should contribute to your furniture purchasing decisions, whether you are looking for chairs, tables, racks, or a simple outdoor patio shelf. If you are still confused about what to buy for your patio, it is best to go for furniture that can go with everything. Take this wood plant stand triangular shelf 6 pots flower shelf for example. 

This plant shelf by can go well indoors, outdoors and with a number of different

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