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Addiction and Answers

Being in the grip of a serious addiction means having a lot of questions and very few answers. Some of the questions are practical, at least in the twisted logic of addiction: Where is your next fix come from? Where can you get more beer or more pills? Other questions are bigger and much harder to answer: Why is this happening? And why is it happening to you?

Experts struggle to understand why addiction affects some people but not others. There are individuals who can drink alcohol, do certain drugs, and even smoke cigarettes without becoming addicted. Others will be trapped almost immediately. This isn’t fair, but it’s the cold hard truth and, unfortunately, a reality for many.

Some answers matter more than others, though. The answers you need to be seeking are for questions like “How can I choose a better life free of addiction?” and “Where can I turn for help?” If you ask the right questions, you’ll find the answers that will open the doors to a brighter future.

Asking something of yourself

Are you an addict? It’s okay if the answer is yes. It’s only human and you wouldn’t be alone.

If you’re going to get treatment and kick a substance abuse problem, then you’re going to have to be ready to answer that question in the affirmative. The first answers are the ones you have to supply for yourself: Yes, I am an addict. Yes, I am ready to seek treatment.

If you’re still struggling with these first answers, you can get some help by reviewing lists of symptoms and taking online quizzes and questionnaires. You could ask a mental health professional for help diagnosing you, too. In the end, however, each addict is responsible for seeing the truth about his or her condition.

Where can you find help?

If you’re an addict seeking treatment, you may wonder where to turn. The good news is that there are a lot of painless options.

If you’re in need to help immediately, you could call an addiction hotline or a hospital. If you have the luxury of a bit more time, you could make an appointment with a mental healthcare provider (preferably one who specializes in addiction) or make your way to a rehab facility by appointment (or if possible as a walk-in).

What are your treatment options?

It’s important to get mental healthcare professionals in your corner as you tackle your substance abuse problem. This isn’t just because these pros can support your efforts; they will act as a guide on your side. Your treatment plan should be customized to suit your situation and your goals, explain addiction experts who run top drug rehab centers in Canada.

Addicts who abuse substances that are highly physically addicting may want to weather their initial detox in a hospital. Others may choose to taper off with approved alternatives. Inpatient rehab may also be the best bet, while still others may choose outpatient programs, 12-step programs, and other options. Of course, a treatment plan can contain several of these options to best fit your needs.

How will you stay committed?

Substance abuse is something that you can put in your past. Addiction, unfortunately, is not. While you’ll someday enjoy a sober life full of joys that leave you little time to dwell on your illness, you will always be ill and need to stay committed in order to remain sober. Attending meetings and/or visiting a counselor is a great way to weather that storm so that you never give up the better life that you’ve earned for yourself. Sobriety is something that you have to fight to preserve, but it’s well worth fighting for.