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Seeking Justice After a Car Accident That Was Not Your Fault

Car accidents are one of the most common causes of injury and death in the United States. Unfortunately, operating a several-thousand-pound machine at high speeds next to other several-thousand-pound machines can create many dangerous scenarios. 

Being involved in an accident is an incredibly scary experience. Even a small accident can have dire consequences, including damage to your vehicle and damage to your body. Often, car accident injuries are not immediately obvious right after the collision and are only discovered later.

When a collision is not your fault, things can get frustrating really fast. Maybe your car is totaled or you have intense medical bills to recover from a serious injury. Fortunately, you have legal options to pursue justice and secure your lifestyle after the accident. Let’s discuss what those options are and how they can help. 

Personal Injury Lawsuit

A common process that car accident victims get involved in is a personal injury lawsuit. When you are hurt because of the negligent actions of another driver, you have the right to pursue compensation for any damages suffered, including to your property or your body. 

Assessing Damages

Multiple types of damages can play a role in a car accident case. Medical bills, lost wages, emotional suffering, property damage, and potential funeral costs if a death occurred are all examples of damages that could be the result of the collision. Each of these categories is eligible for monetary compensation from the guilty party’s insurance company or their pocket.

Pursuing Compensation

Compensation can help cover the costs that you have incurred from those damages. It ensures that the rest of your life is not financially ruined because of the actions of another person. Attorneys who handle car accidents can help you assess damages and earn fair compensation through negotiation. If you were in a very serious accident, maybe with a larger commercial vehicle, then semi-truck accident attorneys could represent you even if you are unable to do so yourself because of injuries. 

Protecting Your Rights

One of the advantages of hiring a lawyer to handle your personal injury lawsuit is that they understand the law in a way that you never can. Years of study and practice mean they have seen a lot and know how insurance companies might try to take advantage of you with low settlement offers. The right lawyer can protect your rights after an accident so that you receive what you deserve and so does the guilty party. 

A Criminal Trial

In some cases, the guilty driver may enter into a criminal proceeding as the cause of the accident. Perhaps they were driving under the influence, which is a federal crime, and they have sought a DUI lawyer to help them mount a defense against the prosecution. When people are allowed to walk away from crimes they have committed unscathed and unpunished, then it makes society as a whole more dangerous and less fair for everyone.

The negligent party and their attorney will do everything they can to see if the legal processes were followed during their arrest and if the accident was truly their fault. To guard against the tactics they will use in a criminal trial, you will need your own lawyer who can compile evidence to support your side of the equation. Additionally, this lawyer can advise you on what to do and what to avoid to increase the chances of a conviction. 

Criminal Proceeding Vs Personal Injury Lawsuit

There is a big difference between these two processes. A criminal trial is designed to punish the guilty party for the crimes they committed. A personal injury lawsuit, on the other hand, is meant to compensate the victim for their suffering. While both serve as a way to hold the guilty party responsible for their actions, only one can benefit you financially in the long run.

Some victims may be hesitant to file a lawsuit if a criminal proceeding is already underway, assuming that the person is already being punished through the legal system. While justice may put your mind at ease, it does not help you with the lost income while you recovered from injury or the huge medical bills that piled up. That is why it is possible for a criminal trial and a personal injury lawsuit to be levied against the same defendant concurrently. They serve different purposes, so one is not a substitute for the other. 

You Have the Right to Seek Justice

When a car accident is not your fault and damages have occurred, it is your right to pursue justice against the negligent person. Whether that means a criminal trial where both of you lawyer up, a personal injury lawsuit to obtain compensation for damages, or both, the law protects your ability to pursue these processes. Whether or not they are successful will depend on the evidence in the case and the effectiveness of your lawyer.