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The Best Options for Improving Your Smile

If the eyes are the windows to your soul – your teeth are very much the front door. As our teeth are such a significant feature and are on display almost all the time, people can be self-conscious about their appearance. As such, the popularity of cosmetic dentistry has soared in recent years.

Cosmetic dentistry is a specialist practice with specially trained dentists who are committed to offering the highest quality of all kinds of dentistry, both necessary and cosmetic. Below we will go into detail on three of the most typical treatments in cosmetic dentistry, namely ‘tooth whitening’, ‘dental veneers’ and ‘dental implants’.

These are procedures that can have an astoundingly positive effect on your social life and general confidence levels. All treatments can be complemented by an overall ‘smile makeover‘ which will consist of a variety of extra more specific treatments and techniques such as wisdom tooth removal and bone grafting, which will help you achieve the smile of your dreams. For more information on these techniques please consult your local dentist.

Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening is the most popular process in cosmetic dentistry helping to also remove potential decades of stains caused by tea, coffee, strong drinks and alcohol. The dentist will make a custom-made tray, which will fit over your teeth like a very thin mouthguard. This tray will need to be supplemented by a 14-day regimen of whitening gel, which will subtly whiten your teeth over a fortnight. Then you will return to the dentist who will provide a one-hour long ‘power whitening’ spray session that will finish off your procedure and leave you with a perfect smile.

Dental Veneers

This is a far more simple procedure than tooth whitening, as the dental veneers are so thin (a layer of porcelain about the width of a contact lens) that they can be applied without any drilling, grinding or injections. Your first visit to the cosmetic dentistry clinic will involve having an impression of your teeth made, this impression will then be sent to specialists who can craft veneers designed specifically to fit your teeth. These veneers will be bonded to your natural teeth on your second visit and can last up to 20 years! Dental veneers offer perhaps the best balance between cost and effectiveness of the three major cosmetic options.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a much more drastic cosmetic dentistry alternative. They are strong permanent tooth replacements, which are fixed to tiny titanium posts that are then surgically placed into your jawbone. The bone and titanium will bond naturally over a period of time and will create a new, artificial root that will be able to support a new crown, bridge or dentures which are far more realistic and reliable than old fashioned false teeth.