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Bahrain’s Best Events

Events tourism is now on the rise and becoming the trendiest tourist activity. People are getting as fond of visiting traditional events as sightseeing or checking on historical locations.
Bahrain is one of the most popular countries in the region providing annual events and festivals giving tourists utmost fun and entertainment.

If you are fond of world’s festivals and entertainment events, make sure Bahrain is one of your stops. We will list down here a couple of events held regularly on the island kingdom and grabbing locals’ and foreigners’ interests. Check out the list we have for Bahrain’s best tourism events.

1- Bahrain Grand Prix

Every year by March Formula 1 enthusiasts from everywhere around the world flock to the kingdom to attend one of the world’s most popular sports events, a round of the world’s F1 championship taking place in Bahrain International Circuit in Sakhir.

The race takes place on 3 days from the 28th of March to the 31st. The main race is held on the third day with the world’s most renowned racers contesting for the top positions.

2- Bahrain Sports Day

A sports day adapted by the government to induce athletic spirit in the kingdom between expats and locals. Every year, the government and private entities participate by encouraging their members to take part in the activities held during the course of the day.

3- Marassi Diving Festival

Don’t pass on this one if you are a diving lover. The diving festival is an opportunity offered by Marassi to explore Bahrain’s underwater and marine life. The event takes place on the World’s Diving Day.

4- Bahrain Shopping Festival

A special festival that takes place yearly when many giant entertainment activities take place including virtual reality games, arcade games, the giant mirror platform, shadow box, sound tube, and many others.

The festival witnesses also special discounts managed by shops, outlets, malls, and entertainment venues. It’s a special event when happiness is seen prevalent everywhere between all society sectors.

5- Gergaoon

An annual event that takes place every Ramadan in Bahrain. Gergaoon is a celebration held on the full moon of the holy Islamic month. All families of Bahrain, nationals alongwith expats, celebrate the event with a variety of songs and rituals. Children roam around their neighbourhoods going from a house to another singing and ringing doors asking for sweets. .

6- The Lego Show

One of the entertaining events in Bahrain dedicated to kids to hone their innovative and athletic skills. With millions of Lego pieces, kids are invited to collate the pieces together and shape whatever they have in mind.

7- The Avenues Carnival

A colorful carnival held in The Avenues district where a variety of shows are held marked with dances and unique costumes.

8- Festival of Lights

A festival to celebrate the arts of lights sponsored by Bin Faqeeh. During the festival, the city of Manama illuminates with colorful lights in a charming and artistic way.