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Unique Engagement Ring Designs in 2021

2021 is in the passing, and a fourth of the year has already passed. So stop daydreaming about new ideas, fresh starts, and bringing something new to the table, because engagements, anniversaries, weddings, and a bunch of other occasions are coming forth, and or passed. This brings a great time to take a look at this year’s design trends.

While the young generation is moving away from traditional styles and materials, conventional designers are thinking of new ways to merge both together. Its simplicity vs authenticity and classic vs modern are so great. So, let us see some engagement designs along the same lines.

3-Stone Rings

A classic style for couples with decades of memories makes a comeback today. This is not the same that you saw on your mother’s finger, but looks modern and simple. There is a trend for minimalist design ideas that incorporate the old, and this brings us to simple side baguettes. Because for a few seasons designers and retailers are taking orders with larger stones but differing in cuts, to bring a more geometric style.

You can shop for a 3-stone ring from various online stores here in the UK. In the US too, you have big brands that are offering making and readymade purchases. From diamond bespoke unique engagement rings to custom-made orders, jewelry makers are seeing a rise in this. In particular, the open-ended design with hanging stones, with a big stone at the center with two small stones on either side. They are selling from as low as $7k and a decent classic design can take as much as $17k in the US market.

Offset Stones

Now, the last line from the above design statement brings us to the new trend of 2021, where minimalist looks are gaining popularity. Because, at the cost of fragile designs, floating stones, just like mentioned above. This brings for organic elements like the shape of leaves and so on. It gives the illusion of loads of sparkle floating in the air because of not being supported from all four sides.

This kind of design was popular as cocktail rings, in more fashion settings in the past, but now is starting to become a trend because of a rise in orders.

Once again you can shop for such engagement rings in the UK, in the USA from big jewelry retailing online sites. And, also look for boutiques for making custom rings. The cool factor of this design is that it can take any form from spirals, sleek lines, to unconventional patterns on the holder. It is quite mesmerizing so to speak. It starts easily at $5k and higher, because of which one must save some cash. With the seasons’ arrival, the prices might surge in the coming months.

Gothic Motifs

A new type of symbol and mark that aspires to the new way of thinking is becoming mainstream. Because of this newfound attitude, and the past year, couples want to remember it as a form of memento. From fashion to jewelry, to engagement rings are shaking up this typically sweet world of weddings. This is the use of gothic motifs, signs, and so on as a part of the ring. As usual with diamonds and stones, the bride that dares to be different and isn’t all about glitz can look for something in this trending category.

Especially, 2021 is coming up with such ideas. Among the most essential collections in her wardrobe, from clothes, shoes, to jewelry, man favorite shades are black and silver, rather than gold. And, this does not mean, in any way, that they come cheap and are affordable. Many designs start at $10,000 and higher. Because of this, an emerald-cut diamond rings can also cost you upwards of $28k in the US market. However, there are also gold variants with 18k gold on the crown, with diamonds at the top.


The year 2021 has brought cost-cutting measures because of the ongoing remedy of the past year. This favors new and fresh design ideas, while young millennials are looking for eco-friendly alternatives, and designers are experimenting with shapes, materials, and styles. But, if you don’t want to stray that far from the roots, you also have something right in the middle.